Food Review: Bread Yard (revisit)

Bread Yard is a simple cafe selling sandwiches and all-day brunch dishes. It used to be located in the SUTD temporary campus in Dover Road which I've visited before, but has since shifted to Fusionopolis.

The interior is quite small, in fact fewer seats and more cramped than their previous space. I went on a Saturday at 1 plus and was so surprised to see that it was full plus there was a queue for the seats! I expected there to be no working crowd on a weekend but who knew that this cafe is actually quite well-known too!

Their menu is written on a giant board above the cashier, which is where you place your orders.

Candied Bacon and Grilled Cheese Pancakes ($9)
I came with a sole purpose: to try this Candied Bacon and Grilled Cheese Pancakes ($9). It comes with maple syrup but since I don't take it, I requested for it to be left aside rather than swimming on my plate...

Oooh look at that sticky, gooey, fried cheese at the sides of the pancakes! Yes, that's cheese. And it was so deliciously good to chew it! The strips of candied bacon were a delight too, although being salty as usual but it had some sweetness to it too.

And look at the thick layer of pancakes!! There were two stacks but there were thick, uniformed in size (so cute) and really light and fluffy! I was initially afraid there'd be a slight taste of the leavning since it's so thick and fluffy, but thankfully there wasn't! And you can see that there's a fried egg sandwiched in the middle of the two stacks.

I thought that the egg was sunny side-up at first, but after cutting through the yolk and realising that it didn't flow, that's when I figured it was fried egg instead haha. But anyway you can just see how fluffy the pancakes were! It was a great combination of sweet and savoury and I was so happy eating it. No qualms about eating it without the maple syrup because it wasn't too dry either. (:

The food has maintained their standard as in the previous location and I'm so glad they've continued to offer quality food at affordable prices. I'll definitely come back to try the other brunch dishes and their sandwiches, what more when they're now just a minute away from one-north MRT!

Bread Yard
1 Fusionopolis Place
Singapore 138632
Mon - Fri 0800 - 1900
Sat 0900 - 1430
Closed on Sundays