Food Review: Bread Yard

Two Wednesdays ago I went to Bread Yard cafe at SUTD with Xin Yu! Heard that this cafe sells really affordable sandwiches and brunch items, plus they specialise in bread as their name obviously suggests, so how can I, a bread lover, not try their food? Haha. :D

We reached there rather late, close to 1.30, so we were greeted by the lunch crowd. However what I like about this cafe is that it's rather big and the ceilings are high, so it creates a very pleasant ambience, even if it's crowded.

Their menu

See? The prices are very reasonable right! Haha, even the public prices too. So I decided that this place shall be where I eat my very first Eggs Benedict. HAHA yes don't laugh, I've not eaten poached eggs before.

Sandwiches made fresh on the spot! (:

Eggs Bettino ($5.90/$6.90) and Smoked Chicken sandwich ($4.90/$5.80)

So yep I ordered the Eggs Bettino and Xin Yu took the Smoked Chicken sandwich.

Seems like this is a mandatory shot whenever people eat Eggs Benedict huh. Haha, and yes the yolk is very runny! I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this though. It tasted nice, and goes well with the sauce which was a teeny bit sour, but for now I conclude that perhaps Eggs Ben isn't gonna the first item on my to-order list.

Smoked Chicken sandwich

I took a bite of this sandwich and I like it! The chicken is very delicious and I love the cheese haha. They're very generous with the portions too. (: Looks like this is gonna be the item I'll order on my second visit!

Bread Yard is the one cafe that sells the cheapest food around, and it also tastes really good too! It's all self service, which is fine with me. And it's perfect for one to laze around and have an afternoon read. (: They have newspapers for the day too. I really wanna go back again to try their sandwiches haha. If not for the not-so-ideal location in the west, I would frequent there more often heh.

Bread Yard
Block 4, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
20 Dover Drive
Singapore 138682
Mon - Fri 0800 - 1900
Closed on weekends

And now for the randoms! I have a thing for long corridors because they look good in photos! It's like, a long journey ahead and you never know when it's ending~

And I finally, finally, FINALLY got to meet up with this Xin Yu. This silly girl, made me angry so many times by cancelling and postponing our dates umpteen times, even one hour before the meeting time!! Haha but I still love her anyways~ 6 good years and counting, here's to many more meet ups and fun times together!