Food Review: NOM Bakery and Bistro

About three weeks ago I met up with Celest for dinner at this neighbourhood cafe. Well since it's not in the city or shopping district it's right to call it a 'neighbourhood cafe', right? And more so since it's situated within Macpherson Community Club. NOM stands for 'No Other Meaning', also a wordplay on the sound of chewing food.

Its entrance is from outside, facing the road. It feels very welcoming to me with the colourful facade and the wooden floor board. Plus the alfresco seating makes it even more welcoming too! (:

 They have a glass panel for you to view their baking workstation.

The place is of an average size, bigger than most cafes at Tanjong Pagar area but smaller than restaurants. They have about 12 - 13 tables inside and another 4 outside.

Do you know that the interior design is inspired by HDB void decks? The green, circular stands resembles the pillars in the void deck.

Plus a replica of the famous traditional playground in Toa Payoh, so nostalgic!

Nomster Monster ($4.90)

C ordered a Nomster Monster ($4.90) with her choice of Mango. It's essentially an Ice Blended which was quite nice and ordinary.

Half and Half Thin-crusted Pizza ($16.90)

And here's what we ordered - the Half and Half Thin-crusted Pizza ($16.90) with the combination of Smoked Salmon and Portobello.

Mm yum yum, two of my favourite pizza toppings! The smoked salmon was nicely done, together with the dill cream below. But I think they could be a bit more generous with the ingredients cos it got a bit boring at the ends. For the Portobello side it was good as well! The thin crust of the pizza made it crispy, hence it wasn't too filling. (Psst, we were saving space for their desserts!)

And of course, who leaves NOM without trying their specialty Rainbow Cake? Initially I was hesitant to try because my impression of Rainbow Cakes is that they only look good and not taste good. Hence I haven't eaten any prior to this. But since NOM is famous for their Rainbow Cakes, I decided to share one with C.

Oreo Rainbow Cake ($6.90)

They have a few variations: Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Oreo. To my surprise, the cake was quite nice! The sponge layers were quite moist and it was just a bit sweet. But I guess cakes are meant to be on the sweeter side so maybe it's just my tastebuds and preference. And I'm glad the frosting between the layers aren't that thick, unlike some that are selling in other cafes. That way you taste more cake than just the cream/frosting itself!

It does look aesthetically appealing and I guess this has the added bonus of tasting good too. (: I was tempted to get another cake after this because they have many cheese cakes on display!

Overall NOM seems more like a family cafe, or a place for friends to gather, not at all hipster or like those industrial cafes. I can imagine the crowds on the weekend where families and children flood the place. Oh speaking of which, we went on a weekday night and there were actually quite a lot of customers! We reached slightly before 7 and there were only two tables occupied. But the crowd came in around 7.30 and by the time we left at 8 plus, the cafe was full. This is a good sign for them! 

I'm not sure if I'll come back for the pizzas, cos nothing really stood out to me. And I've heard mixed reviews about their Rosti. Hmm maybe if I return, it'll be for their other cakes. Otherwise it'll be a good place to chill in the afternoon, especially on quiet weekdays.

NOM Bistro and Bakery
Macpherson Community Club Level 1
400 Paya Lebar Way
Singapore 379131
Mon - Sun 1100 - 2300
Closed on every first Tuesday of the month