Food Review: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Okay I admit I'm very, very slow. Last December was only my first time at Chye Seng Huat Hardware! Haha, despite them being one of the pioneers of the cafe culture in Singapore, which started in 2011. 

CCSH is Papa Palheta's flagship store. The latter is an indepedent coffee boutique, specialising and purveying specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. From this, anyone would be able to guess that CCSH is known for its coffee.

I really like the cafe grounds, so rustic yet misleading. I have a thing for shophouses, I realise. Haha. But this one didn't seem too fake, because they retained the old gates and windows, and left it at its original paint colour etc.

This is why I say it can be misleading. The entrance is as above. Yes there's the gate with the no parking sign, but if the cafe is open the gate will be open so no worries! Haha. So hipster right?

Right in the centre of the cafe is the bar counter, where you can sit around and watch the barista brew your coffee and/or teas!

Celest and I went during the Christmas hence the decoration. (Yes I know I'm very slow in my reviews too shhhh. ><)

We went there at 12 on a weekday and the crowds were almost negligible. But I really liked it cos it's like you have privacy and the whole cafe to yourself! xD

 The exterior seating, which as you can see will be very hot on such a day...

Some cakes and pastries which we didn't get but were tempting!

The Huat Breakfast ($18)

C got this - 2 eggs (choice of scrambled, sunny side-up or overeasy), ham steak, two chicken sausages, grilled tomato and potato salad with croissant on the side.

C said this was ordinary. She didn't like the ham steak and thought the sausages tasted a little funny. But the croissant and scrambled eggs were good.

Banana Pancakes ($12)

Hahaha, toldja I'm a sucker for pancakes! 3 pancakes topped with strawberry and roasted almond flakes - this was good! The pancakes were moist because of the bananas. But towards the end it got a little dry, so this is when you need the maple syrup. Ok wait it's just me. I don't like to drizzle/drown my pancakes with maple syrup/honey so if I say you need it, you really need it. HAHA.

Really gotta love pancakes! Hahaha yummm~

Now that I've tried one of the stalwarts of the cafe culture in Singapore, I feel that it's a bit overrated? The food was tasty, but also not overwhelmingly good. Yeah granted, they're definitely more a coffee place, which is pretty ironic of us not to have ordered any coffee there hahaha... Nonetheless I like their location, it's rather secluded and some say ulu. I felt like I was on an adventure while walking to the cafe amidst the other warehouse/repair shops and kopitiams to search for this camouflaged place! Hahaha.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563
Tues - Fri 0900 - 1900
Sat - Sun 0900 - 2200