Food Review: Artistry

I'm so excited for this food review because I loveee the food here! I finally went to Artistry cafe, with two visits one week after the other. This cafe has been around for about a year, and they double up as an art gallery too.

Its iconic shopfront, with the black and white painted tiles. It's located right beside the main road (Victoria Street) and a short 5-minute walk from Bugis MRT.

I prefer sitting outside actually, even though it's hot, because the interior is small and quite noisy. As you can see below, they have a long communal table and 2 or 3 tables at the end for 2-3 people. (The shot was taken from the counter.)

Some of the art pieces that they sell. I didn't really take a look at them because it was packed (that was a Sunday around 3.30pm).

Their array of cakes and desserts!

Here's their weekend menu. They have a separate weekday menu too, but I didn't get to see it.

I only tried their mains the second time I came here, which was last Saturday for lunch. Aaaaand, the reason for my coming was their highly raved PB & J French Toast!

PB & J French Toast ($14)

This is a Brioche French Toast, stuffed with swirls of peanut butter and raspberry jam, drizzled with maple syrup and then topped with vanilla bean ice cream and mixed berry compote. Omgosh it was so, so good!! The French Toast was of the right thickness, and the highlight was the stuffing inside! Though I'm not a fan of peanut butter, it went really well with the raspberry jam (which I like). The toppings of mixed berry compote and ice cream sealed the deal too. After all, anything with ice cream and especially berry compote will never fail hehe. I requested to change the vanilla ice cream to their yogurt ice cream served in the granola dish. Was glad I did that because the yogurt ice cream tasted really like yogurt! Haha, I know that's like a 'duh' thing, but I think the yogurt ice cream I tried at Stateland Cafe didn't...

I enjoyed this French Toast a bit more than the one at One Man Coffee, probably because of the flavours here.

You can see from the photos that the ice cream was melting. Haha, because it was a hot day that day and I was waiting for my friend's dish to arrive before eating. (Ok, actually to take a picture together LOL.)

Vegetarian Aglio Olio ($16)

My friend, Nithya, ordered this Vegetarian Aglio Olio. It was an ordinary dish; while tasty, there was nothing much to rave about. Nithya said there was too much garlic. And for a simple vegetarian pasta, it was a too ex.

Whoo our food finally arrived! Mandatory flatlay shot of the food haha. I'm quite sad because my ice cream had melted! :(

My first trip here was on the Sunday afternoon (mentioned earlier) with my PW groupmates! Since we all had lunch before meeting, we thought of cafe-hopping to share the desserts/cakes haha.

Red Velvet Cake ($7)

We were staring at the cake display for quite a long time, haha, and so the service crew cheerily recommended us some cakes. The Red Velvet Cake is their house favourite, so we got that. I don't really know what red velvet is, lol, and I haven't eaten red velvet stuff before, so I can't compare. But it was very nice, plus the coconut shavings on top. Probably a little bit too sweet, but overall it was a good cake for an afternoon tea.

Blueberry Crumb Cake ($6)

The second cake we got was this Blueberry Crumb Cake. No prizes for guessing who picked this. xD Well I can't help it since I love blueberry + crumble topping. This cake was quite light, and I like the berries. The slight sourness complimented the sweet sponge layer. But if I were to compare the two cakes, this isn't as nice as the red velvet.

Ambience wise inside can be noisy when it's packed, but the outdoor seats are not so bad, just that you don't enjoy the air-con. I like their service because the staff are very friendly and polite. Some may even strike a casual conversation with you, which is quite rare these days. With that being said, I'm determined to come back again to try the other dishes! (:

17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore 199149
Tues - Sun 1000 - 1900
Closed on Mondays