Food Review: The Pizza Collective

Have you ever wanted to build your own pizza? Here at The Pizza Collective, it is precisely what you do! But wait, the best part? There are UNLIMITED TOPPINGS you can pile onto your pizza! Yes, I'm not kidding you, unlimited toppings, all for the same price - $12 nett.

*Disclamer: I lost a lot of photos that I took during this visit and could only find these few... So sorry we just have to make do with these... :( :(

When I first heard about this place, opened by the same people behind Peperoni Pizzeria, I was also in disbelief. How can there be unlimited toppings and all for a flat price? So I made it a point to come down and try for myself.

True enough, you're really allowed to choose the toppings and ingredients that go into your pizza. First, you choose the dough base - original or herb. Second, you choose the cheese - mozarella, ricotta or brie (can't remember if it's brie). This part onwards it's unlimited already, so if you'd like to have all 3, that's fine! Third, the veggies. There were capsicum, mushroom, zucchini, cucumber, cheery tomatoes etc. Fourth, the meat - ham, roasted pork belly (wow), teriyaki chicken and one or two more. The variety may not be thaaat great, but hey, for unlimited toppings, I think it's good enough! Last but not least, pick a sauce!

The chefs will build the pizza for you as you pick and choose the ingredients and go down the line. Then you'll receive a number tag and wait for your pizza to be ready.

Build-your-own-pizza ($12)
My pizza was herb base, with lots of mozarella and some ricotta, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, ham and BBQ sauce. The size of the pizza is about 7" to 8", and there is only one size.

Mmm yum yum yum! It was so good! The ingredients were fresh the pizza dough was the flat kind, though not crispy. I love the ingredients that I chose and it made the whole pizza so satisfying! Each pizza is cut into 8 slices, but I got quite full towards the last two haha.

I had a lot of fun customising my own pizza, and I can't believe that it's a reasonable $12 for it! There are other set meals like those that come with a cold drink ($14), hot drink ($13) etc. This place is highly recommended to come with your friends or family so you can have fun choosing what goes into your pizza and experimenting with different combinations! But of course, they do have a few fixed flavours and creations of their pizza, ranging from the savoury to the sweet! So you'll definitely have a wide variety of pizza flavours to choose from. (:

The Pizza Collective
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
Mon - Sun 1100 - 2200