Food Review: Selfish Gene Cafe

Last Friday I met up with Celest for a quick brunch before we both headed off to work haha. So the venue was Selfish Gene Cafe at Tanjong Pagar!

The shop exterior is a little hard to spot since the name can be a bit 'hidden' to some.

The cafe is called 'Selfish Gene' because the owner, Gene, is selfish because he doesn't serve food that he doesn't eat. In other words he only lets his customers eat good food la haha.

We came on a Friday morning about 10.30 and they just opened their doors at 10, so it was almost empty! I love the feeling I got when I stepped into the shop; peaceful, calm and welcoming at the same time! It's good that they have high ceilings and the windows at the ceiling to let in natural light. The vibes were really very pleasant and I wish I could have stayed on longer!

The above photo was taken 10 minutes after I got seated in the cafe. Haha that's why another group was there.

The design of the place is simple, neither industrial nor hipster nor overly cheery. Just the way I like it!

They have a separate weekday and weekend menu. The weekday menu has more sandwiches and salads while the weekend has more breakfast/brunch items. Drinks menu remains the same.

Bagel and Scrambled Eggs ($12)

Now time for the food! Celest ordered the Bagel and Scrambled Eggs ($12), which is everything that you see in the above picture: bagel, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and mixed salad. The eggs were creamy and nice but the bagel was a bit tough and too plain. :/

The Valerie ($12)

And this is what I ordered! The Valerie ($12) - homemade berry compote and cream cheese on toasted brioche and scrambled eggs. Yes yes, you must be wondering, where's the scrambled eggs? Heh, I requested to replace the scrambled eggs with something else like mushrooms, and the staff kindly acceded to my request! Thank you so much Selfish Gene Cafe! Haha.

The verdict? I love everything about this dish! The berry compote and cream cheese was like a perfect match, plus the brioche toast was very tasty too! Quite light and fluffy. The mushrooms gave a hint of saltiness to the dish while the salad was nice too. Haha, I knew I'd like this the moment I saw photos of it. xD

I like how colourful the food looks! One way to gauge the healthiness level of your food is to look at the colours on your plate.

I'm really encouraged to return to Selfish Gene Cafe especially on a weekday afternoon, where I think it'll not be crowded and I can sit and read my book! They also have free Wifi so that's a plus for people who need to do assignments or work online.

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road
Singapore 089678
Mon - Fri 1000 - 1730
Sat - Sun 0900 - 1700