Thursday updates

I've been away from this blog for a relatively long time huh? Haha actually it's not that I was busy, just don't know what to blog about only lol.

Anyway today I finally shared some stuff with my loved one and it feels so, so relieving to let it all out! She deserves to know it and share the stress/burden with me, so I guess I did the right thing even though it kinda adds on to her worries... But I know I'll overcome this and it'll all get better!

It's Thursday and the weekends are coming soon! Well actually I don't look forward to weekends as much as last time, cos it still feels like a holiday even though I'm working already HAHA. But weekends are usually family time/friends time and yayhoo~
Cherish your loved ones, especially your family! They're the ones that will stay by you forever and always. <3