My past week

I haven't been updating about my life recently, like what I've been doing these few days haha. Let's start from last week, shall we?

Last Monday I met up with Beatrice for lunch at Strangers' Reunion! I love having meet ups like these, to catch up on each other's lives and how we're doing, and at the same time exploring new places to eat (aka cafe-hop haha). Then we went to sign up for driving lessons together! Well actually not the lessons but the opening of an account for us to register for the Basic Theory Test.

I'm quite excited to learn driving! It'll be so cool if I could drive my father's car and bring my family to places! Haha, especially after seeing my sister pass her test last year and driving us around to practise, I'm even more anticipating for my turn to come hehe.

In the evening I went for dance class. I've been going for dance more regularly now, and I like that I'm doing this! In the past it used to be a one-off event, like when I have less school work to do then I go down. But now since As have ended and I have no commitment (besides work which is rather flexible), it's so much easier to go on a weekly basis! Been going for Hip Hop and Lyrical Jazz, my two favourite genres. (: I really like it that I'm going more often now because there's some continuity in what I'm doing. It doesn't just stop there after one lesson and who knows when the next one will be. So much so that I feel myself improving, and this feeling is so awesome! I admit sometimes I do feel a little lazy to go down, but the satisfaction and shiok feeling I get after every lesson? Just makes everything so worth it! ((:

Tuesday was NYE and yep I've touched on that already. Wednesday was New Year's Day and it was a pretty simple day. Oh right I've also talked about it already haha. Thursday was my first day at work! Done with that too. Hmm Friday... Yeah nothing much happened, I was working haha. Saturday too.

So for Sunday (which was yesterday) I managed to spend time with my family yay! Working takes the whole day and sometimes I don't eat dinner with them, so it's great to have a day off to spend it with my family. (: It rained the whole day though so I couldn't go jogging. But it's okay I don't think my legs would have wanted it HAHA. And also last night I finally settled more issues regarding this blog templated. Finally found a way to change the fonts and I think it's much nicer now! Haha I hope you feel that way too lol.

Today I went for a training session for an upcoming internship and then I went for dance again yay! Haha okay that's it for my past week of activities. Sounds very boring oh no! Hahaha but whatever, as long as I'm happy and contented, that's all that matters. (: