Travelogue: Japan - Day Three

First up, we went to the Imperial Palace. As the name suggests, it's the official residence for the king and queen of the country. The palace itself is out of bounds to the public but you can walk at its grounds, where nice scenery greets you at every turn!

One of the gates to enter the compounds of the palace.

This is a popular view of the palace, with the bridge and the moat in the foreground!

 I like the swan! Makes the picture even nicer haha.

 Haha and this is me lazing around and feeling all zen~~ Lolol, but the atmosphere was really peaceful there! This is holiday manzxz!

The three musketeers.

Check out the reflection! Love this photo~

And the blue skies were so bright and cheery!

Then we went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Felt kinda good to eat Chinese food again even though it was only just a few days gap haha.

After lunch we went to Takashimaya Times Square! Yep it's the same department store as the one here in Singapore. We decided to go there since it's at their 'hometown' (just like Isetan) but we were also mentally prepared to see all those expensive stuff again haha.

But Taka is so big that within the building, there's also this store called Tokyu Hands and the almighty Kinokuniya bookstore! I was so excited ok hahaha. Tokyu Hands (below) is a bit like Daiso in terms of the products they sell. They sell various stuff like electronics, beauty products, stationery, DIY stuff, home décor etc etc. It's really interesting to browse through their items! (:

This clock is so colourful! I'd like to have it haha.


Oh and we bought a Green Tea Gelato from the basement. Decided to try it since their Green Tea ice cream is so famous here haha.

We also decided to try the food in the basement and since it's quite close to dinner time we packed them and brought back to our hotel to eat + buy some 7-11 food! Hehehe. We were actually not that far from our hotel, like walking distance, so I suggested walking back along the bustling city streets and soak in the lively Tokyo city night atmosphere! :D

I love the bright lights of the city! So vibrant and full of life!

Hehe and this is our dinner~ It was delicious yeah~

I forgot what fish this is but it tasted a bit like Mackarel.


My all-time favourite UNAGI! :D

The nights are just spent using Wifi and watching Voyages from the laptop (xinmsn) ahha!