Food Review: OMB (new menu)

Singapore's first bacon-centric cafe has revamped its menu! This time, instead of focusing only on bacon, they have included others like salmon, crab and chicken dishes as well.

Jasmine Makes My Green Come True ($6.50) on the left and Hersheys Iced Chocolate ($6.50) on the right. I had the latter and it was really rich! They use Hershey's chocolate so it's guaranteed to please the chocolate-lovers out there.

Mini Bacon Bomb ($12)

This was an accidental cheese porn shot hahaha. The Bacon Bomb used to be a main by itself, but OMB has since shrank it to 3 bite-sized balls, and it is meant to be a sharing dish. These balls are mini pork fritters stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon and house made chilli sauce.

They were very flavourful, with the minced pork having a good bite to it, and the whole dish elevated by the sauce! Plus, the cheese on the bottom of the pan was a good addition too. I like how the serving size is just right now, compared to previously when it was one huge roll that was difficult to slice.

Chilli Softshell Crab ($16)

Turkish toast, fried softshell crab, coleslaw, poached eggs with green chilli sauce. Poke that eggg hehehe. I realise I was taking a lot of photos of the flowy egg when the centre of attention should be the the softshell crab haha. Fried to perfection with a thin batter encasing it, the softshell crab was delicious, but perhaps it could be a bit bigger? Everything else was good but my friend felt the green chilli sauce a little out of place.

Bacon Croque Monsieur ($12)

I have a soft spot for brioche and cheese hence this was a clear option for me. It consisted of crispy bacon, bechamel sauce and a trio of cheese. There were onions inside too, which I wish they could have stated it in the description because I don't like onions oops. That aside, this dish was ordinary, and tasted quite one dimensional after a while. The brioche was a bit burnt at the side. Presentation could also be improved.

Some hits and misses, but I think if you stick to their bacon dishes, you should be rather safe. Click here to read about my previous visit and the food that I've tried!

7 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209337
Tues - Fri 1200 - 2200
Sat 0830 - 2200
Sun 0830 - 1800