Food Review: Fuel Plus+

Fuel Plus+ is a relatively new cafe, opened by the same people behind Refuel Cafe in Bedok Reservoir Road. Nestled in a quiet location behind Telok Blangah MRT, this cafe serves food somewhat similar to their sister cafe, but with a higher price point and greater variety.

I was quite surprised to see a sizeable crowd when I arrived on a weekday after lunch hours. They follow a white and geometric theme, with the full length glass entrance allowing plenty of natural light in for Instagrammable photos.

As you can see from the above menu, they serve a huge variety of food, ranging from the typical brunch dishes to mains, burgers, pastas and salads. Of course, there are those desserts-cum-mains food like pancakes and french toast.

PUMP It Up Hotcakes ($16)
I went alone so I ordered just one dish. As much as I love pancakes/hotcakes, ordering this was a tough choice, simply because they have many other enticing dishes like their pastas!

Despite eating many hotcakes to date, this rendition was rather interesting, as there were apple chunks in the batter! Lovely addition right there. I also like the variety of toppings on the hotcake; besides the usual strawberries and blueberries, there's pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and pistachio bits too! Thumbs up for both aesthetics/presentation and taste.

This is a good place to go for group gatherings, because of the wide range of food offered where you can order a variety! (Although the size isn't exactly very big lah hmm.) Check Google maps before coming though, as you maaay get lost behind the shophouses. One tip, it's behind the churches that are facing the main road.

Fuel Plus+
16 Morse Road
Singapore 099228
Mon, Wed - Sun 1100 - 2100
Closed on Tuesdays