Food Review: Atlas Coffeehouse

Atlas Coffeehouse opened at the start of the year to much fanfare. Located just 5 minutes walk away from Botanic Gardens MRT, its convenient location added to the swelling crowds in the first 2 months of their opening.

This cafe is opened by the same lady boss of the now-defunct Assembly Coffee, which used to be at Evans Road, opposite Botanic Gardens and CCAB. That was a much more inaccessible location compared to here, so I'm glad that they've shifted operations here instead!

Atlas stands for 'At-LandAirSea', hence their interior design reflects those three themes. I really like their unpolished concrete walls and floor, matched by white marble tables on one side and woody, bigger tables on another.

The geometrical and nautical theme at this section just got me swooning over its beauty!

They have a desserts display which was enticing me so much with their baked goods!

I really love this cafe so much that I came here 4 times in 3 months! This really speaks a lot since I rarely visit the same cafe more than twice (and in such a short period of time, no less). So, I pretty much tried all their signature items, but mostly the sweet dishes and not savoury haha.

Nutella Brioche French Toast ($15) *removed from menu* 
On my first visit, I came alone so I could only order one dish, and boy, was I spoilt for choice! I ended up with this sweet treat, and on hindsight, I'm so glad I ordered this! Reason being this dish was removed from their menu a few days later, as I realised during my second visit. :( Beats me why they took it out, because I enjoyed it a lot!

The serving was big, with two triangular shaped French toast sandwiched with thick Nutella spread, served with Vanilla ice cream and drizzled with berry compote and maple syrup. Sounds diabetic to you? You bet it is! BUT this is really worth a try! The brioche was light and eggy, and I like how they're so liberal with the Nutella spread! Plus anything with ice cream and berry compote seals the deal man. So good! Although I was kinda full after finishing one triangle, I kinda pushed myself to finish everything... beacuse good food shall not be wasted!

Banana Butterscotch Pancakes ($18)
I had this on my second visit after hearing much raves about it. It's their signature fluffy pancake served with caramelised banana and house-made butterscotch and honeycomb ice cream.

Firstly, the fragrance of the pancakes and banana wafted through the cafe as orders of it emerged from the kitchen. Yes you can really smell it! Secondly, what a beauty this was! Elegantly presented on a white plate, this pancake stood tall and proud with that one scoop of ice craem on top.

Thirdly, the texture. Upon slicing my knife through the pancake, I was surprised at how soft and light and fluffy it was! Fourthly, the taste. So moist and fragrant and just enough of the banana flavour to not overpower the whole pancake. It was really yummy and not too jelat, though small eaters will find it hard finishing on his/her own. I'll definitely eat this more than once!

Do note that there is a waiting time of up to 20 mins for this pancake. When I had it, I actually waited for a whopping one hour?! Was rather peeved about it, but luckily it turned out good in the end.

Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough ($12) + scrambled eggs ($3)
This is another of their bestsellers, and it's not hard to see why. The oh-so-humble creamy mushrooms stole the show with its generous portions and brilliantly cooked with white wine. Plus the freshly grated Parmesan Cheese went along with the creamy mushrooms very well. The scrambled eggs were silky and creamy too, and once again also in a generous serving. This dish is bound to fill you up and definitely a tasty treat! I'd head back for this also!

I mean what I say, beacuse the fourth time I came, I indeed ordered the Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough but without any additional ingredients. This is how it looks like ^ The chef didn't stinge on the mushrooms again (yesss thank you so much) and I thoroughly enjoyed shoving the mushrooms  in my mouth! It is really good.

Breakfast Strawberry Maple Pancake ($15)
You must be thinking - pancake again?! Well yes. This is the second kind of pancake that Atlas offers. Having tried the signature banana pancakes, I felt tempted to try this version, with strawberry compote, butter, maple drizzle and sans the ice cream.

The pancake batter is almost the same as the first one, just without the banana flavour. And it is still as light and fluffy! Definitely a filling carbo and it'll sure to leave you energised for the rest of the day! (Or is it food coma from having too much food?)

I really enjoy the dining experience at Atlas, be it the food, quality, ambience and service. They have other non-conventional dishes too, such as Salmon Soba Noodles, ATLAS Super-Bowl and Summer Chicken Stew. Having been here four times, I can safely say that there is consistency in their food, and I'm glad I can still eat my favourite dishes as how I remembered them to be! I like the decor so that contributes to the ambience, however, it gets noisy during peak periods. I strongly recommend you to visit Atlas Coffeehouse if you'd like quality brunch food/lunch and somewhere that's accessible. Do go early on weekends because it will get crowded!

Atlas Coffeehouse
6 Duke's Road
Singapore 268886
Tues - Sun 0800 - 1900