Food Review: Brawn and Brains

Brawn and Brains is a cafe that started out small (like literally) and has now grown to have its own customer base. Located at the old Singapore Badminton Hall at Guillemard Road, it used to occupy a tiny space but it has now expanded (at another unit but at the same location). I love their space - clean, albeit geometrical themed and with lots more room.

It has 3 long, communal tables and about 3 or 4 other smaller tables (fit for 2 only). I love the full length windows that allow natural light to stream in.

Their menu is written on a chalk wall in front of the entrance. Prices have inched up since they expanded and offerings are about the same - mainly wraps and sandwiches.

They also sell pastries like this croissant which I've heard some raves about.

Oven Baked Eggs on Tortilla ($9.80)
Interesting rendition on an eggs-based dish. Instead of the overly-done Eggs Benedict or scrambled eggs, this was two eggs baked on a tortilla sheet. It makes for a sumptuous breakfast/brunch, especially if you order any add-ons.

Classic Chicken and Mushroom Wrap ($9.50)
Two tortilla wraps encased with lots of veggies, chicken meat, mushrooms and cheese, served with some chips. The wraps were lightly pressed till slightly crispy, which was nice! The fillings were quite substantial and you can see that they're spilling outta the wraps haha. But it would be better if they could cut down on the veggies and have more chicken/meat. Nevertheless both were tasty and there's nothing to gripe about this!

Mushroom and Cheese on Brioche ($9.50)
I love anything mushroom and cheese, plus brioche bread is my favourite, so this was the perfect combination for me! There were four triangles of sandwiches served (with some chips too) and they may look small. But boy, no way were they a tickle of the stomach! I was full after eating two of them haha.

Anyway, the mushrooms and cheese went really well together and when eaten hot, the whole sandwich just tasted superb. The brioche was soft and fluffy! Definitely something to go for if you need comfort food, or something that can really fill your stomach. I'd order this again the next time I'm there! Haha.

I'm quite pleased with the quality of food served here, because everything that we tried was good! Plus, prices are still rather reasonable so I wouldn't mind coming back here again. The service staff were friendly and there was a welcoming and warm vibe in the cafe. :)

Brawn and Brains
100 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399718
Tues - Fri 0900 - 1900
Sat - Sun 0930 - 1900
Closed on Mondays


  1. Yeah, this is a great food venue NYC. I have been there several times and always had a great experience. They serve fresh food at very reasonable prices. Mushroom and Cheese on Brioche are my favorite among all their dishes.