Food Review: The Benjamins

The Benjamins, formerly known as Benjamin Browns, is a cafe in Forum the Shopping Mall. A few months ago they shot to fame with their Over-The-Top (OTT) milkshakes, which are milkshakes with many ingredients and snacks piled on top such that it's nearly overflowing. Being the typical curious Singaporeans, we went down one day to give it a try.

Their menu offers rather standard cafe food - breakfast dishes, pasta and some main courses like beef and Fish and Chips.

Let's start with the milkshakes! FYI, these milkshakes are classified under the 'Creamy Shakes' section on the menu, but they are the normal kinds of milkshakes. The OTT ones have a price in another handwritten column in the same section.

Nutella Banana OTT Milkshake ($16++)
One of their bestsellers, this Nutella Banana milkshake has Khong Guan-like biscuits layered with banana slices, cream, Tim Tam inside, a wedge of chocolate cake, and Nutella smeared on the rim to hold the pretzels there. It's truly over the top! Haha. The milkshake was rich, decadent and definitely a chocolate lover's dream. However, as you can see from the picture, it was hard to drink and start eating the ingredients! But it was quite fun trying to 'demolish' the milkshake hahaha.

Strawberry Cheesecake OTT Milkshake ($16++)
This milkshake was also milky and creamy, but I couldn't taste any sort of cheesecake flavour in the drink. So I guess the 'cheesecake' comes from the wedge of cheesecake on top, together with the Khong Guan biscuits, cream, strawberry, Tim Tams and wafer sticks.

Overall, I think their milkshakes taste ordinary. It's definitely the presentation that creates the wow factor. Well, then again, this was an original creation started in Canberra, Australia. And actually, $16++ for a cup of this is very ex! But oh wells. Just to try and snap pictures and boast on Instagram... Hahaha xD

Crabmeat Arriabiata Linguine ($23++)
I opted for something different this time, wanting to be more adventurous. Unfortunately this dish failed to impress. There was little crabmeat, and because of that, it made the dish seem like an ordinary plate of Spaghetti Bolognese...

Fish and Chips ($23++)
When this plate was served, my first thought was "Whoa why the fish so skinny one?!" It's true! It was such a small and skinny serving of fish. And it came with a scant portion of salad, some fries, and sour cream. I didn't manage to try this from my friend, but even if it was really delicious, I'd rather order something else that's more worth my penny.

300g Sizzling Beef Chunks ($25++)
The name says it all. It comes with roasted baby potatoes and melted cheese on tomato. The beef chunks were really juicy and flavourful! They were chewy yet had a nice bite too. You can choose the doneness, and I think this was a medium? Very tasty, and this is what I call value for money.

The Benjamin burger with bacon, eggs, cheese and mushroom ($25++)
Yup, once again, the name of the dish describes it. The beef patty was shaped in a ball, not the flat kind that's about the same circumference as the burger bun. As a whole it was quite tasty, the beef well cooked. But it wasn't very outstanding either.

Overall I'd have to say I was quite disappointed with the food here. They're drawing the crowds solely because of their OTT milkshakes, which then again is a fad... For the prices that you pay, you'd expect a certain quality and portion of the food, but it left me feeling a bit cheated? Haha, oh well, but I guess they're very successful in their publicity, given the craze over the OTT milkshakes.

The Benjamins
Forum the Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884
Mon to Thurs 1000 - 2100
Fri to Sat 0900 - 2200
Sun 0900 - 2100