Thoughts of 2014

It's the 11th day of 2015 and it's definitely high time I stop procrastinating and pen down this post.

Happy New Year everyone! I know it's late haha but still, hope everyone will have a good year ahead. (:

2014 is the year that I had seven months to spare after A Levels and before uni starts. Well, the year started out with me going for the MOE Teaching Internship, which I was really excited and thankful that I got posted to Cedar! My alma mater <3 <3 I've already reflected on my internship here, but I'll still talk a bit more also haha. It was a very good opportunity for me to try out teaching and to confirm whether my impression of teaching and passion for teaching align with the realities of being a teacher. I've got the chance to work with my former teachers, which was kinda awkward but pretty awesome at the same time! I miss my teachers oh man. :( And the indescribable feeling of teaching in the very same school that you were once a student, reliving the same kind of activities that you once went through... :') It made me miss being a Cedarian so, so much! The friends, the teachers, the school activities we had... Oh gosh I'm starting to get emotional HAHA. But yeah, I was really glad for the teaching internship. It started off my 2014 on a fruitful note!

After the first 3 months of teaching, I went to do waitressing at House at Dempsey. I made new friends who are around the same age as me, and it was nice to have people that you can talk to and relate to! Work was a bit tiring but fun at the same time. (: I definitely learnt how to give better service to customers. I think I make quite a good service crew actually, HAHA. Well for one, I always have a smile on my face! :D (Ok self praise = no praise?) But yeah it was a good exposure for me, also getting to know people from different backgrounds. (:

My third kind of work/job was a temporary job at a travel agency! I worked there for 6 weeks as a Marketing and Publicity executive. Sounds pro right? HAHA lol, but yeah that's roughly what I did. Because it's a small company so I got to learn a lot about the travel industry, the bookings and the SOP etc. It broadened my horizons to the travel industry, being a tour guide, tour planner etc. Yes it's indeed exciting, but definitely challenging and time-consuming. Kinda making me think twice if I wanna work in the travel industry... Maybe tourism would be better? Oh wells... I'll leave these thoughts for later.

This kinda sums up my work experience for 2014. 6 months was an appropriate time period and I'm thankful to have dabbled in a variety of work to gain some experience. Then in July, it's time for me to relax and enjoy my freedom for a month before uni starts! So I went travelling with my mum to Taiwan! :D Specific travelogue here! Really miss Taiwan for the street food!! And I believe the countryside would be really pretty and scenic too, which I didn't go, so that'll leave me for next time! ;)

Next was Geog FIC! More detailed elaboration here. The camp was really good, it made me feel welcomed and very excited for uni! So much possibilities and opportunities out there for me to grab~

And then bang, the start of my first semester in uni! I believe I've concluded my first sem here. I feel very happy for my experience over this first sem. (: Like really, it's been rather incredible, I would say.

All in all, there were ups and downs in 2014, as usual. Things didn't go the way I wanted, unprecedented stuff etc, but overall I'm happy with whatever that has happened. Some are blessings in disguise, some are just lessons that I have to learn. I'm very grateful for the opportunities that I've had, and for my family and friends for being here for me.

2015 is going to be an even more eventful year, I just know it! Semester 2 is starting in less than 12 hours time. I'm definitely not 100% ready for it, but I'm very looking forward to whatever's in store for me. (: I hope that this year will be a year of good health, happiness and love for everyone! (: (: