Food Review: Bao Today Dim Sum High Tea Buffet

Last week I went for Bao Today's tasting of their Dim Sum Tapas High Tea Buffet! Was so stoked for it coz I heard good reviews of it!

Their high tea buffet is done 'tapas style' and has no menu because the dishes served rotates on a regular basis. And it's served ala carte and their friendly waiter will bring out the food for you.

This high tea buffet is only available at their branch in Rendezous Hotel. There is ample space and there are some booth seats too decorated in Oriental style.

For non-buffet patrons, you may order from their normal ala carte menu at the counter, with the following menu above the cashier counter.

There are free flow Iced Peach Tea and Ice Lemon Tea for the buffet.

And so we begin! The first round of food arrived on our table and we were eagerly snapping photos of it. There are more than 40 varieties on their high tea buffet and it is really a lot!

Wanton in Spicy Chilli Sauce
This wanton was nice, with sufficient liao inside, and the sauce wasn't spicy.

Some yu piao thingy (but not real abalone), behind is some jellyfish thingy
Because there is no menu for this buffet, I'm not sure exactly what some items are called hence pardon the description/name that I write here haha. Not bad, quite chewy, and tastes quite like abalone. I didn't try the jellyfish.

Fried Prawn Fritters
If I had to save stomach space, I wouldn't eat this, because the prawn inside was very little and it's merely fried stuff...

Siew Mai
The Siew Mai is good! Very plump, tasty, and meaty, with sufficient bite.

Har Gow
The Har Gow was like the Siew Mai too, with juicy prawn fillings. However I found the skin a bit too thick.

Pork Chop
This was good too! Very tender and flavourful.

Chives and Prawn Dumpling
Fillings were gao gao too, but same problem as the Har Gow - skin a bit too thick. I tasted a bit of vinegar taste though, and would have preferred if it wasn't there.

Nonya Style Steamed Fish
The steamed fish was very fresh! We all enjoyed this, and ordered seconds too. The sauce tasted a bit like Thai chilli sauce?

Char Siew Bao
Another good dish where this had the right bun-to-filling ratio. The meat wasn't too fatty either, and the buns were fluffy and soft.

Chee Cheong Fun (prawn and char siew)
The skin was smooth and silky, while the liao inside could be more substantial for the char siew one. But the prawns were yummy as usual.

Zha Jiang Mian
They do a tasty rendition of the simple Zha Jiang Mian too! Even eating the noodles on its own was nice.

Pork and Prawn Dumpling
What an interesting look for this dish! First time seeing a green-gradient skin dumpling encased with prawns and pork. After trying so many dumpling dishes I decided to leave out the skin and just eat the liao haha.

Mushroom Dumpling
Although there's no meat inside, it's still very plump and fat with the mushroom fillings. I like this one too!

Scallop Dumpling
This looks a bit like a Siew Mai with a prawn body but topped with a scallop! Full of bite and definitely recommended as well.

Red Bean and Banana Pancake
Bordering on the sweet side, this dessert was a bit too oily for my liking and the fillings could be a bit more? But props to combining two unlikely ingredients together - banana and red bean.

Salted Egg Yolk Bao/Liushabao
And here we come to my most favourite dish of the buffet - LIUSHABAO! I was so happy that it's included in the buffet items too.

Tear open the bun and this is what you get!! Flowy, luscious salted egg yolk custard fillings. Not too sweet, not too buttery, just nice. Plus the buns were rather light too! They had a bit of pandan taste in it. I loved this so much I had 3 of this, which is quite a lot considering the many dishes we had!

And now the following dishes are what was served but I didn't try, either because I'm not keen in them or I'm saving stomach space hahaha!

Steamed Pork
風爪 (Phoenix's Feet)
Glutinous Rice/Lo Mai Gai
纸包鸡 (Paper-Wrapped Chicken)
扣肉包 (Pork Belly Bun)
All in all I enjoyed the food here, as most of them hit the mark for me. I'd recommend the Liushabao, Siew Mai, Pork Chop, Steamed Fish, Char Siew Bao, and all the dumplings! They may take out some dishes every now and then based on customer feedback and the demand for them. Of course, new ones will be added. There were actually a few more dishes that was available that day but we were too full to try them!

The service crew were friendly and patient with us too, and gave us recommendations for strategic eating haha! What I like about this buffet is that you don't need to order in quantities of a basket, but down to a single piece! For example if you want to try more Siew Mai, you need not order a basket that has 3 or 4 in it, but can simply request for one if you're too full.

And another great thing about this buffet is its wallet-friendly prices! Going on a weekday afternoon will not cost you more than $20 (after taxes), and the most expensive period on weekend nights is less than $27! Woohoo am already planning to go back there with my friends hahaha. Quality dim sum at affordable prices - what's not to love?
Thanks OpenRice and Bao Today for the tasting!

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