Food Review: Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

Nassim Hill Bakery is a cafe by day and bar by night, though they do serve proper food at all times. It's located at the back of Tanglin Post Office and right outside the drop off point for cars. (I had a little bit of difficulty getting to it haha because I had to cut through Swiss Butchery to get there.)

You can find their menu here. In the day, they serve mainly sandwiches (which is their specialty), pasta, and entrees. Night time is about the same, just fewer sandwiches and more entree dishes.

Steak and Eggs ($23+)

A 150g grilled ribeye steak topped with two sunny-side up eggs, served with their homemade entrecote sauce. I forgot what the doneness of this steak was, either medium or medium rare, and it tasted very flavourful and not too uncooked for my liking.

Mac and Cheese ($18+)
The glorious cheese!
I'm a cheese lover so seeing this thick, yellow, layer of cheese just makes me so jumpy haha! This is macaroni baked with creamy bechamel sauce and four cheeses. Even though it was just plain Mac and Cheese, no other ingredients, it was superbbb. The cheese was so tasty and rich, probably because four types of cheese are used here. Perhaps because of the richness, the serving size is a bit smaller than other dishes, which is a good move here, otherwise you'll feel overwhelmed and jelat.

DIY Steak Sandwich ($22+)

They don't call this a 'DIY' sandwich for no reason. The grilled US Angus ribeye steak with balsamic onions are placed beside the toasted ciabatta cut smaller for easier consumption, and it's up to you how you wanna pair both together and eat it. When it was served I was a bit surprised to see that the presentation is like this, then I realised the name on the menu says 'DIY' haha. I'm quite sure the steak is done medium rare, and it was good as usual, same as the Steak and Eggs! The ciabatta was crispy and somehow the kind that you won't get full very easily.

Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles ($19+)

I heard this is quite highly raved, so I thought I'd try it. Cheddar cheese and bacon bits are baked into their signature waffles, and served with a side of bacon and chive sour cream. The waffles were really crispy, I half suspected if they actually fried it! The cheese inside wasn't the gooey kind, but I could still taste it together with the bacon bits. The bacon on the side was nicely grilled too. Overall it was a good dish, and I don't mind having it again.

Nassim Hill Bakery is a good place to go for delicious food, and they have quite a wide variety of drinks too. Their Happy Hour promotion of 1-for-1 draught beers lasts the whole day from 9am to 9pm! It's one of the higher-end cafes, but sometimes they have 1-for-1 promotions for credit card users, so do look out for that!

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar
Tanglin Post Office
56 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247964
Tues - Sat 0800 - 2300
Sun 0800 - 2200
Closed on Mondays