Food Review: Clinton Street Baking Company

The all-famous Clinton Street Baking Company has arrived on our sunny shores! Originating from New York, this place is well-known for their fluffy pancakes, with many crowning it the best in New York City! Before branching out to Singapore, their only other Asian presence is Tokyo. So I guess we're very privileged to be the next Asian city to welcome them! Being a fan of pancakes, I was so excited to come down that I went with my friend on their third day of opening! xD

We knew there'd be a queue during lunch time (even on a weekday) so we arrived around 2pm. Luckily for us, we didn't have to wait for seats at all! :D The restaurant is a bit narrow but long, with a semi-open kitchen at the back. The design is simple, using the wood furniture to create a no-frills yet homely vibe.

Desserts oh myyyy :O

They serve all-day breakfast, including their specialty Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich and of course, their pancakes! They're also known for their buttermilk fried chicken, which is served from 11.30am.

Crispy Potato Pancakes ($19++) 
There are two choices for this, either with caramelised applesauce and sour cream ($14++) or with house-smoked salmon, caviar and lemon creme fraiche ($19++). My friend picked the latter. On first sight, we were a bit shocked because the potato pancakes look so charred! Nevertheless, my friend proceeded to eat it. The salmon was a bit too salty, but it was a reasonable portion served. The potato pancakes is essentially rosti, but yes it was kinda oily and too charred. We should have requested for a new plate on hindsight...

Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter and Wild Blueberries ($18++)
And presenting to you the star dish of this place! There are three options for your pancakes - wild blueberries, banana walnut or chocolate chunk. The choice was obvious for me because I love berries! The aroma of pancakes was so strong I was so excited to dig in! (But of course, my camera eats before I do...)

Mmm, what a delicious stack of pancakes! As you can see they are very thick and fluffy, and actually rather huge too! Finishing three was quite a challenge for me, as I was rather full after my second one haha. The pancakes were sufficiently moist and very flavourful! The wild blueberries weren't on the sweet side but I like that, because at least it doesn't remind me of sweetened canned blueberries hah. I would have preferred if more blueberries were in the batter though.

I didn't drizzle the warm maple butter all over my pancakes like how you see photos/videos on social media, lol, because I don't like maple syrup. But, I know that it is very highly raved about, so I dipped my pancakes in a little bit of it. Haha. Hmm, to me it tasted like maple syrup with more butter? Hahaha y'don't say? It was very rich but unique I guess. Overall, this pancakes definitely wins my stamp of approval, and possibly lives up to the hype!

Although prices are quite steep here, I think the portions given justifies what you're paying. As an American diner, naturally their food is like the usual American serving - HUGE. So either you go with a big appetite or you share the food with friends hahaha. I would probably return to have their pancakes again!

Clinton Street Baking Company
31 Purvis Street
Singapore 188608
Mon - Sun 0800 - 1800