Food Review: Roosevelt's Diner and Bar

Weekend brunches are always the best - good food, relaxing time, and finally taking a break from the weekday madness. A while back, Roosevelt's Diner and Bar launched their new weekend brunch menu, and I'm privileged to tag along for the tasting session. Thanks Sihan! (:

At the ground floor of apartment Dorsett Residences, Roosevelt's is also conveniently located outside Outram Park Exit H.

The interior is spacious and I love the high ceilings that give that relaxing and cool vibe.

Have I mentioned I love the light bulbs here?

And so we came here to try some items from the new weekend brunch menu! Let the food (and drinks) be served~
Mocha ($5++)

I'm not a coffee person, but I decided to try their Mocha. It was a bit bitter but it's testament to the dark chocolate that they use so yay haha.

Brioche French Toast Waffles ($14++)

First up, this creative spin-off. On first glance it looks so plain and dull. But...

That winning pouring shot! Thanks Amanda for being the hand model!

This is actually a brioche bun soaked in Amaretto-laced moisture, and then pressed into the waffle machine. Ta-da! You get this bun-cum-waffle creation! The texture quite dense to me - well, rightly so I guess since it's not your normal waffle batter. For people who don't like bread, perhaps you should stay away from this, because you'll complain that it's too gelat. But I enjoyed the combination of everything - I tasted a bit of cinnamon which was just right to go well with the mixed berries sauce. And with that Vanilla ice cream, how can it go wrong?

Spiced Potato Bacon Hash ($16++)

This dish consists of spiced potato, bacon, poached egg and served with house-made tomato relish. Even though I don't like potato and hence the dish wasn't my top favourite, I have to say that the potato was delicious and the spices sure did give it lots of flavour. A tip: break the poached egg and mix everything up together.

Crab Cake Benedict ($21++)

A more unique twist to the classic (and perhaps overdone) Eggs Benedict, this one replaces the usual ham/smoked salmon/mushrooms with crab cake! It's served on english muffins and with a thin layer of garlic mayo, plus a side salad.

The eggs were runny and nicely poached. But I can't quite get the taste of the crab cake... Except its saltiness lol. Maybe I'm one of those boring ones who prefer smoked salmon or ham haha.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($22++)
Oooh check out this huge slab of pork ribs man! That glistening glaze of BBQ sauce made me salivate...

Even though I'm not a meat person, I was delighted that the meat fell off the bone with one slice of the knife/fork! It was tender, not too salty and oh-so-good with the BBQ sauce! And I like the accompaniment of the corn salsa too!
Breakfast Waffle Candied BLT ($14++)

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. That's BLT right? But that's not all... There's also smoked ham, a fried egg, house-made tomato relish and corn salsa by the side!

Essentially all the breakfast items sandwiched between two crisp layers of waffles. And it was so delicious! It sounds like a very plain idea but the tastes, aesthetics... all worked for me. On the whole it was a bit salty but I guess cos there's bacon. But I still love this dish - and oh yes, the waffles! It didn't turn soggy despite the many fillings inside. And you'll think that you'll feel gelat since it's waffles right? But no, it filled me up just fine!
Apple Berry Crumble ($10++)

Mmm I'm so lucky I got to try this dessert, because it all consists of my favourite food! Muesli and berries crumble mixed with some apple slices and then topped with vanilla ice cream, this was polished clean! (Even though I was nearly hitting my limit oops.)

All in all the newly introduced food in the weekend brunch menu are worth a try. Some dishes are rather unique, like the Brioche French Toast Waffle and Spiced Potato Bacon Hash. So head on down if you'd like to try something different from the usual offerings! (:

Thank you Amanda and Sihan for the invite! (:

Roosevelt's Diner and Bar
331 New Bridge Road
Dorsett Residences #01-02
Singapore 088764
Sun - Thurs 0830 - 2200
Fri - Sat 0830 - 0000
6538 3518


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