To take things for granted

It felt like a bomb shell was dropped on me. I know it will happen eventually, but I guess a huge part of me never really imagined it to happen so soon. And now that it has, I feel... lost, sad, and just that pang of regret in my aching heart.

I've always been an emotional girl and I've been trying to keep them in check by being less sensitive to everything around me. But those events and episodes are still so strong and vivid that I can't let go. I even dreamt of it and that itself is very shocking.

I don't know why but sometimes I feel like apologising. Then again, I wasn't at fault and neither is anyone. Turn back time maybe? Things could have gone so differently and no, I daren't imagine it.

Maybe someday, things will fall into place. I don't know what lies in the road ahead but I have to keep going and keep hoping.

And remember not to take anything (or anyone) for granted.