Food Review: Whisk and Paddle

Whisk and Paddle is a lovely cafe by the Punggol River. Its location near nature makes it rather ulu, but it's one cafe that's worth the travel, in my opinion.

I came on a weekend evening and as you can see, the weather was superb for outdoor/alfresco dining, especially at a place near nature.

The space is very big and spacious, fitting of its location once again where it's surrounded by nature. It certainly makes you feel very relaxed.

Another good thing is that there are long tables for large groups as well.

The above photo should have been an artistic and 'typical Instagram shot' but there was a couple sitting at the spot where the photo should have been taken at the right angle so...


This is the so-called outdoor seating of the cafe, where the roofs are operated by awnings. There's also a small corner for children to play and I think that's very appropriate, given how many families with young kids stay in/visit this side of Punggol.

My friends and I scored with this table right at the end of the cafe, thus we had quite a lot of privacy!

Near the cashier counter is this rack where they sell old school snacks and knick knacks.

And here's the cakes counter! Some of their homemade desserts are the Berries Cheesecake ($6++), Berries Tart, Passionfruit Tart ($6.50++), Carrot Cake ($6++) and Choco Banana ($7++).

More sweet treats for the sweet tooth in you!

So cute, they have this little Whisk Garden right behind where we were sitting! And can you see how this cafe just overlooks the river and park connector? Can't stop raving about the nice ambience haha.

You can find their main menu here, while this is a relatively new menu of their honey toasts.

Mac and Cheese ($12.80++)
Macaroni, honey baked ham and onion cooked in pink sauce and cheese

This is another cafe that I've heard quite a lot about their Mac and Cheese. And the presentation makes it eye-catching on Instagram too! The portion looks too big but it was just nice. I like the gooey cheese and it didn't make me feel jelat halfway into it. The ham was alright, nothing much to comment. Perhaps the macaroni can be cooked a tad bit longer? And I have no idea what's 'pink sauce' haha. Other than that it was a good dish, though I must admit I was expecting slightly more after hearing all the raves about it...

Carbonara ($13.80++)
Spaghetti cooked with garlic, egg yolk, bacon, parmesan cheese and served with poached egg

If I'm not wrong, this Carbonara is like the traditional Italian one, where it is not soupy/creamy but where the runny yolk from the poached egg gives it the 'wetness'. Yep the poached egg was runny, but overall this dish had nothing to shout about. Ordinary.

One flatlay before the next dish comes haha.

Honey Baked Ham Eggs Benedict ($13++)
Two poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce on waffle

My friend likes Eggs Benedict so she went for this. You can choose either Honey Baked Ham, Smoked Salmon or Sauteed Mushrooms. It comes with a (rather small) portion of side salad and big, juicy tomatoes!

Unfortunately, the eggs weren't runny! They were overcooked and that's disappointing. However, not all is lost. We were blown away by the waffles! It was crisp and light and such a joy to eat! I can just eat it on its own! Because of the really yummy waffles, I wouldn't mind giving their Eggs Ben a second chance when I return.

Banana tea cake ($3.80++)
Another friend ordered this as she had already eaten her dinner. Can't really remember the price but it's something like that. Moist and good.

Carrot Cake ($6++)
And because we were celebrating a friend's birthday, here's a slice of cake for dessert! This was nice, light enough and not thaaat sweet. It's crunchy with an adequate amount of walnuts too!

Overall I would recommend a visit to this cafe. The ambience is really there, even on a crowded weekend evening! It's very relaxing to even be in that area, not just dining in this cafe. Request for a table by the side if the weather is good. Food wise, my friends and I concluded that we'll be back to eat the Mac and Cheese, waffles and pizza! Because we saw some other tables having that and it looked yummy!

Even though this cafe is located not near Punggol MRT, it is within a 5-minute walk from Riveria LRT. So it's not as ulu as you'd think! But in a way it's good because it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city/concrete jungle so this is a good place for a breather/short reprieve.

Whisk and Paddle
10 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836
Tues - Fri 1530 - 2230
Sat - Sun 0930 - 2230
Closed on Mondays