Food Review: GRUB

GRUB cafe and bistro has been in been operation for about 2 years already and its location at Bishan-AMK Park 1 can never be more convenient for me! But can you believe it took me 2 years to finally go there for a meal? Oh the irony.

My family went on a Saturday evening, which is all restaurants' peak hour, but thankfully we didn't have to wait that long (around 15 minutes). I've heard that during its first year of operation, the waiting time was as long as 2 hours! :O

They have slightly more seats outside than inside, which is appropriate because I'm sure people come here for the park ambience too, which is fantastic~ I like how they use full length glass windows to allow as much natural light in as well!

Being a western cafe/restaurant/bistro, GRUB serves mainly burgers and pastas. You can find their menu here. So here's what we ordered!

Smoked Salmon Salad ($8++)

The salad consisted of smoked salmon, mandarin orange and balsamic reduction, and it was refreshing. The addition of bread crumbs gave it some crunch while the smoked salmon was fresh and not too salty.

Grilled Chicken Burger + add-on pineapple ($12+2++)

This burger of teriyaki glazed thigh, enoki fritters and mayonnaise was a delight! I'm not a fan of burgers but the chicken meat was tender and nicely marinated, plus the enoki fritters were an unconventional addition that worked! The grilled pineapple tasted sweet too.

Pork Steak Burger ($13++)

Sous vide grilled pork, grilled pineapple and lettuce sandwiched between two pieces of burger buns, this fared okay, not as good as the former. The pork steak had a bit too much fats somehow.

Crispy Fish Burger ($14++)

Lol pardon the already-eaten burger. Forgot to snap a picture before my mum tucked in heh. Anyway this is supposedly GRUB's signature burger, and I've seen many pictures of it on Instagram. The fish was indeed long and the fact that it protruded out so much from the burger buns gave it a very distinct appearance that you'd recognise easily. While the portion of fish was good, it tasted too oily and we would have preferred it a bit more fresh. My mum was kinda disappointed after being eager to try this out. :/

Mushroom Pasta ($15++)

As I don't really like burgers, I ordered this pasta which was the perfect dish for me - linguine tossed in light cream, assorted mushrooms and topped with some rocket leaves. Linguine is my favourite kind of pasta plus I love mushrooms! The light cream was just right, not too overwhelming to make you feel jelat halfway through. The mushrooms had a nice bite to it and tasted quite fresh.

Overall GRUB's food is of a certain quality. Price wise is a little bit on the high side considering they charge for GST and service tax too. But I guess part of what you're paying for is the ambience, which I really like because it's in the middle of a park! You'd get a better experience if you're sitting outside, of course, that's if you go in the evening or when the weather is more merciful...

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 1
Singapore 569983
Mon - Fri 1100 - 1500, 1730 - 2230
Sat - Sun 0900 - 1600, 1730 - 2230
6459 5743