Food Review: The Rustic Bistro

The Rustic Bistro is a casual restaurant located at Far East Square, a place that's oft-visited by the office crowd. While not hidden in a corner or anything, this restaurant seems to blend in with its surrounding, and people will walk by along the street without giving a glance towards it.

The interior was rather dark, despite their theme of light bulbs and lights in general. I wonder if the above light bulbs are all functional... (Lol.)

Duck Leg Confit ($15.90)

My mum ordered this because she likes Duck Confit. However this failed to impress her and she felt the one at Saveur was still nicer. I'm not picky when it comes to Duck Confit, so I found it okay. The meat was neither very tender nor tough. I guess it could have been more flavourful?

Seafood Aglio Olio ($15.90)

Spaghetti with prawns, scallops, diced salmon, tossed with garlic, parsley and squid ink. My brother likes Aglio Olio so I think he's quite an expert at judging this dish lol. He said it was an okay dish, "quite nice, but not the best I've eaten".

Chicken Chop ($13.90)

This was quite misleading. If you didn't read the menu properly, you'd think it's just the chicken chop and maybe mashed potato/fries/salad at the side. But it also comes with Aglio Olio and seasonal vegetables! And a proper serving of the pasta too, not just a side. So I'd say this dish is value-for-money because it's such a big portion! Taste wise it was not bad, the chicken was tender and grilled well.

Pesto Chicken Pasta ($11.90)

Basically spaghetti with chicken in pesto sauce, this dish was quite a good one. I think it was one of my first few times trying pesto pasta, and I guess this dish left me with a good impression of pesto sauce haha. It was a little greasy though, but hmm maybe cos it's Aglio Olio... Chicken was tender too.

Tiramisu with Vanilla ice cream ($10.90)

We ordered a set meal that comes with the above dessert. However, I was very disappointed with this. Firstly it was such a tiny portion! Maybe it was downsized cos we had it with the top-up set, but if this is really the original size of the ala-carte one, then it's really not worth your money. And calories too. Yes secondly, it didn't taste nice at all, too soft and... artificial? Yeah give this a miss please.

Overall our dining experience there was alright. We went on a weekend dinner and it wasn't crowded at all. Hits and misses for the food so hmm I'll probably not go back. :/

The Rustic Bistro
21 China Street
Far East Square
Singapore 049563
Mon - Sat 1100 - 2200