Food Review: D'Good Cafe

D'Good Cafe has been around for 3 years now I think? And it was only like 3 months back that I finally dined here! 

They occupy the second and third storey of a shophouse in Holland Village. So you go up the (albeit narrow) stairs to the cafe.

As compared to when they first started out, now they have nicer decor and props here and there to beautify the place.

This is the second storey (first storey of the cafe). At the window are two swings and a lovely space for some htht or couple time~

The second storey is also where the cashier counter and bar is located.

On to the third level, there's an alfresco sort of dining where there are lights and pretty 'tents' set up. It's very hot in the day but come evening/night time I would think this is gonna be romantic and relaxing!

Another part of the third storey is the seating area where some customers who are studying/doing work will come here. It's also very kid-friendly because the chairs and tables are lower than usual, plus there are soft toys and all haha.

Oh, and those rocking chairs thingy too!

Moving on to the food... Here's their dessert counter full of cakes!

They're famous for their Maple Seasalt Caramel Cheesecake, the one on the extreme left. But it costs a whopping $9!!

Eggs Benedict ($13.50)

A standard fare of two poached eggs nestled on brioche and bacon and drizzled with homemade Hollandaise sauce. It comes with a side salad too. I only took one mouth of this and it was okay I guess? Not a fan of Eggs Benedict so I'm probably not one to judge...

Ham and Cheese French Toast ($9)

Ooh, look who wants a share of my food? Hahaha the bear was too cute so I used it as a 'prop'. xD

When the food was ready (it's all self-collection) and I saw this plate, I was quite shocked. Why is the portion so puny?? It was really two little triangles of french toast! (You can see the picture below for a better view.) I know it's priced under $10, but still...

Anyway the french toast had a filling of honey-baked ham and cheese, plus some French berry jam. It's also served with some fruits at the side. Overall the taste was not bad, sweet and savoury. The bread was quite soft too. I just wished the portion was bigger.

Hahaha I think this photo is so cute xD The three bears staring longingly at the food LOL.

I think D'Good's food is passable. Perhaps I didn't try their better dishes, like their pastas, which I heard was not bad. I wasn't feeling that hungry that day hence my decision of the french toast. Maybe one day I'll try their pastas? Plus their location in a convenient and accessible area scores points too. As for ambience, it'll get very crowded during peak hours, or when students go there to study and there are fewer seats for other customers. Otherwise during weekdays pre- and post-lunch hour it's quite relaxing and quiet. D'Good Cafe serves simple but rather decent food, so I guess it's probably worth trying once.

D'Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278992
Sun - Thurs 1000 - 2200
Fri - Sat 1000 - 2300