Food Review: The Bravery Cafe

The Bravery Cafe is so hipster that they don't have a signboard, name, nor address on its shopfront. So only those who know of its existence knows it's there. Lol. It's right opposite Jalan Besar stadium, and within a 10-minute walk from Lavender MRT station.

Step into the cafe and you'll be greeted with a strange-looking structure/art that resembles a horse, in the middle of the cafe on the communal table. Pretty rainbow lights are hung albeit disorientatedly in yet another hipster fashion. Adding to it the unpolished walls, this cafe feels so hipster it hurts.

Beef Steak Ciabatta ($13.50)

My dining partner chose this. A sandwich consisting of beef steak slivers with onion jam, melted mozarrella and tomato salsa, this was pretty okay to me. Bread was toasted rather nicely but seems like the filling was a little on the conservative side... The beef steak was not bad, of the right texture.

Pancakes Stack ($15)

Jang-jang-jang-janggg. This was what I came here for! Three thick and fluffy pancakes with bananas, ricotta cheese and crushed pistachios! (It comes with maple syrup but I requested for it to be separated.) I've been seeing this on Instagram for a long time already, and many people have raved about it!

Ahhh just look at how thick it is - what with all the bubbles as evidence!! True to the hype, the pancakes were really delicious! They were moist enough and soft and fluffehh~~ I like the ricotta cheese as well!

Simple food done well, The Bravery Cafe is one of the earlier 'stalwarts' of the cafe scene in Singapore, and I can see why they're still suriving now amidst the numerous similar establishments opening up of late here. They're also known for their Lavender latte and Brave Begedil, inferred from the pictures I see on Insta. The ambience was relaxing and chill, and as I've described earlier, hipster. Lol I don't intentionally go to hipster cafes, but this is a place I wouldn't mind going back again.

And for their pancakes.


The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073
Mon, Wed - Fri 0900 - 1900
Sat, Sun 0800 - 2000