Food Review: Arbite

Whoa it's been exactly a month since I last updated? :O Was busy with assignments and projects... Sigh guess I had to fulfil my role as a full time student!

Anyway today's review is Arbite! I went to the branch at Serangoon Gardens for dinner with my family. It's located on the seocnd storey of the shophouse and seating capacity is rather limited. Didn't get to take a photo of the place though.

Just a short introduction of Arbite:

Arbite [ahr-bahyt]
noun ~ 

A pun on the German/Danish word for work (arbeit/arbejde). Inspired by Europe 
but rooted in Singapore. An intrinsic honesty to the word. This permeates 
everything that we do and serve. 

E.g.: quality food and drink, warm service, fair prices

Click here for their menu! Theirs is a combination of Western and local food, and some fusion food. They have all-day breakfast too.

Gado Gado Salad ($10++)

My mum felt like eating a salad so she ordered this. It consists of potatoes, fine beans, cucumbers, tempeh, tofu croutons, romaine lettuce, peanut dressing and garnished prawn crackers. I like the tofu croutons, and my mum said it did taste like the real gado gado!

Barbequed Chicken

Oops I'm sorry, I forgot the name of the dish and I think it's not reflected in the menu link above... But it's basically a barbequed chicken with sides of salad and fries. My father said this dish was disappointing because the chicken was tough. :/

Arbite Beef Burger ($18++)

My brother opted for this dish. Essentially, it's a burger with grilled beef patty, portobello mushroom fried egg, sliced tomato, butterhead lettuce, onion rings, mozarella, fresh greens and steakhouse fries. When it was served to our table, we were quite amazed at the height haha. However on closer look, the beef patty was too small relative to its two big bodyguards.

My brother commented that the burger was ordinary, and did not blow him away. I would think it'll be filling, judging by the two huge buns plus thick-cut fries at the side.

Apple Strudel Pancakes ($14++)

No prizes for guessing who ate this dish! Haha yes, who says I can't have pancakes for dinner? I'm such a sucker for pancakes ahha. Anyway this stack of 3 thick and fluffy pancakes came with apples, raisins, walnuts, almond slices, milk crumbs and vanilla ice cream.

The size of the pancake itself isn't big, but look at how thick it is! And yes it was fluffy too! So iit actually left me feeling full. I love the various toppings here, especially the walnuts and apple strudel! The berries and ice cream are nothing new, but together they brought out the simplicity yet absolute delish power of this pancake! :D

Overall there were some hits and misses in the food here. Hmm I don't think I'll return because the prices are quite steep. Plus none of the food really stood out (or maybe it could be we didn't eat their recommended ones?). Do note that they have slightly different menus for their two outlets, the other one at Aliwal Street near Kampong Glam.

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962
Tues - Fri 1130 - 1500, 1800 - 2230
Sat - Sun 1130 - 2230
Closed on Mondays