Food Review: Wednesday Cafe

Ok this isn't a food review per se, but still a cafe review haha. Wednesday Cafe is a relatively new cafe (they opened about 2 months ago) that has a unique concept different from most cafes. Instead of paying for your food and drinks, you pay for the time spent at this cafe. Charges go by the first hour followed by every subsequent half hour. (More details on the pricing later.)

I went on a Monday mid-afternoon and I was the only customer there! Feels very good to have the whole cafe to myself hahaha.

As you can see it's a very cosy place, with pillows and low seats/mattresses that makes you feel literally at home! Decor went with a whimsical yet homely feel, with coffee tables and those weaven-baskets kind of seats. The pastel colours of the furniture gave the cafe a very light-hearted and relaxing vibe.

To make customers feel even more at home, this cafe requires us to remove our shoes upon entering. On the shoe rack sat this fat cutie pie, which is their cafe cat! They have two if I'm not wrong. But this isn't a cat cafe.

Nice cosy corner with a swing.

Another nice corner with Turkish-inspired decor. As this place is opened by two Chinese-Muslims young ladies, there is a prayer room for our Muslim friends. Which also means that the food is halal!

I think this is a small play area for the two cats. Haha. And you can see their water bowl too lol.

If you're thinking of what there is to do here, you can play board games (provided on the shelves), read books, or do your work. There's free Wifi plus ample power points for you to charge your electronic devices. (:

Yeap, Wednesday is the new Friday~

The good news about this cafe is that they have an all-you-can-eat dessert bar! Pictured above are the snacks/pastries/desserts that they offer (except for the part after the purple container on the far right). When I went, they had Orange Tea Cake, Swedish Visiting Scone, Chocolate and Red Velvet cookies, Banana and Red Velvet cupcakes, Banoffee pie and one slice of Lemon pie. They also have ice gems, Fruit Loops and Kacang Putih kind of snacks. All these are free flow and you can help yourself to it! There are also a few others that they have on sale, which are Durian cupcakes and their specialty Speculoos Cheesecake (far right).

Here's their drinks menu. Those served free flow are fruit punch (if I remember correctly), instant coffee, tea and water.

Clockwise from top left: Orange Tea Cake, Swedish Visiting Scone and Lemon pie

The Orange Tea Cake was supposed to be a pound cake, I think? But it was very flat and thin. Taste wise it was fragrant, I like how the orange flavour came out strongly. But I find it a bit too sweet.

I didn't like the scone cos it tasted quite starchy. Did I identify some potato in it? Haha Idk, it's actually my first time hearing of this food. xD

I like the Lemon pie! But like the tea cake, it was very thin and it was on the sweet side for me. I generally prefer my lemon pie to be a bit more sour and tangy. Crust was good.

Left: Banoffee pie; Right: Banana cupcake

The Banoffee pie had a layer of whipped cream on top and banana slices below. Once again it could have been thicker because after removing the layer of whipped cream it was too thin to savour the whole pie nicely. But overall it was nice. (:

The Banana cupcake (with chocolate frosting) was quite disappointing, because I could hardly taste banana in it. :/ I was also expecting some banana bits/slices inside but nope.

While there were hits and misses for the food here, I still enjoyed spending time at this cafe because of the ambience! Being the only customer then definitely played a big part in making me feel comfortable here haha. But the whole place was very neat, tidy and clean and it just beckons you to stay longer! I came because I purchased the deal on the Sugar app, which made it technically 'free' for the first hour.

Here's the breakdown of charges:
1st hour - $12
Subsequent half-hour - $5
Students 1st hour - $9.90
Promotion rates:
Wednesdays - 1st hour half price
Weekdays (except Wednesdays) 1st hour - $10 (1pm - 5pm)

After this visit it kinda makes me wanna go back again, especially during non-peak hours like weekday afternoons to have some peace to do my work haha. Service was good and the staff were very friendly! I just hope they can improve on their food so that the whole experience will be even more complete! (:

Wednesday Cafe
220 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437011
Mon - Wed 1300 - 2200
Fri 1300 - 2300
Sat - Sun 1200 - 2300