Food Review: Platypus Food Bar @ NUS

Platypus Food Bar is salad shop under the same chain of restaurants as Platypus Kitchen. They opened last May beside NUS Science Canteen.

It's very popular among students and working adults as you can see from the above picture, taken during lunch time.

If I remember correctly, there are 3 sizes for the salad bowls - small, medium and large. Yi Xin and I got a small bowl each. As you can see from below, the small bowl is already quite big!

Small bowl ($5.50)

There is a base of greens that you can choose and we both got romaine salad. Then you can choose the carbs (e.g. pasta fusilli). Next choose the veggies. After that, for the small bowl, you can choose one premium protein (e.g. miso salmon, smoked duck breast) and one regular protein (e.g. chorizo sausage, chicken breast). Finally, choose a dressing.

We enjoyed the food a lot! Everything tasted very fresh. Ironically the meat stood out to us the most. The salmon was tender and not too hard despite it being cooked. It was a good portion considering it's the 'small' size. And I believe this bowl is relatively healthy so it makes the meal even more tasty and a joy to eat! xD

Eating healthy need not be pricey and I really appreciate how prices are slightly lower than their other outlets, because it's situated in school. Also, the portion is just right for what you pay. This is a place to go if you want a quick, healthy and tasty meal! :D

Platypus Food Bar @ NUS
NUS S16, Level 1, Science Drive
Singapore 119260
Mon - Fri 0830 - 2130
Sat 0830 - 1500
Closed on Sundays