Food Review: Ronin Cafe

Ok finally time for another food review! This is super backdated, I went to Ronin Cafe on National Day! Yes see how lag I am... *cries*

Anyway Ronin Cafe is opened by the same people The Plain and The Bravery. This cafe is so hipster that they don't have a signboard. Yes it's very hidden and anyone can just walk by without knowing that it's there.

As you can see from the photos, only their address is displayed there (17 Hong Kong Street), and the (reflective) glass door is their entrance.

Step in and you'll be greeted with these stone-faced walls, industrial vibes and wooden furniture. There's a long communal table to the right.

Mandatory photo at Ronin

Long communal table

Circular communal table


Ronin was so hipster that they didn't use to have a menu at all! So the staff had to recite the menu to every customer every single time. Oh my, can you imagine how tiring and frustrating it was for the staff? And also for the customers who have to listen out for the food and can't have anything to see/read to help them decide what to order. Thank goodness they finally decided to put up a menu board.

I went there slightly earlier than the rest, at 10.45, and the cafe wasn't that crowded yet. *thumbs up*

Green Tea-something I forgot oops

Fungi ($11)

I ordered this, which is essentially a mushroom sandwich. I love the mushrooms and it was well sauteed! The portion was rather big so that's great!

Salada ($11)

Another vegetarian sandwich, this was rather plain as it only comprises avocado, gruyere, tomatoes, daikon and rocket leaves.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($8) + Sausage ($4.50)

Florence got the above dish. Ronin's scrambled eggs are highly raved, with some people hailing it the best in Singapore. It's creamy and silky and just slides down your throat. I think some people like it that way but not really for me. To each his own I guess. But it's generally quite a good dish.

Brioche French Toast ($14.50)

Two of my friends got this, something I was deliberating on. Haha, I'm such a French Toast kinda person. Anyway the french toast comes with braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter and syrup. Personally I was kinda overwhelmed by the plate. Not really because of the size, but the syrup soaking in the plate... It definitely is sinful to be eating that man! But the french toast itself was fluffy and quite light, almost as light as the one at One Man Coffee. The bacon and apples were alright, quite nice. This dish is a combination of the sweet and savoury, so for those who want the best of both worlds, this is recommended!

I quite enjoyed the food here at Ronin because it's really tasty and relatively affordable (considering the portions). The ambience is very good to spend some alone time reading a book, or catching up with a good ol' friend! Just that it's rather dark inside. I'll most likely return if I'm in the area.(:

Ronin Cafe
17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660
Tues - Sun 0800 - 2000

P/S: This place is so 'mysterious' that they don't have a Facebook page nor telephone number. So it's really just relying on the address itself, words of mouth or other social media platforms like Instagram.