Year 1 Sem 1 - check!

HOORAYYY IT'S THE HOLIDAYS NOW! School officially ended on Monday for me, when my last finals paper ended only at 7pm (like whaaat)! And wow it feels so surreal now that I don't have to care about exams and school work anymore hahaha. Don't know why but I feel as excited as when A Levels ended. Lol, especially when this exams is less hardcore than A's...

ANYWAY I'm back from my hiatus and it's time for a major update!! Picture-heavy post kay, beware. I'm gonna be too lazy to type out everything...

Wang Xuan's birthday party

Got invited to WX's birthday party at her house in JB! And she kindly extended it into a sleepover for us too hahaha, since it's too late to go back to Singapore.

Really nice to see them ODAC peeps again, missing our adventure times together so much~~ And of course the guys and their silly retarded antics...

Geog Soc MC Outing

This was during the second half of recess week, and we went to the Trampoline Park! At first we were all excited to jump on the huge and springy trampoline, but after a while it can get a bit tiring and boring, even. But I still had fun haha. Took lots of pictures but they're all in my friend's phone hehh. :/

Still can't do a proper toe touch grrr. >:(

Geog Soc 1st Majors' Welfare Outing

Our first MW outing! :D Off we go to River Safari~ It's my first time so I was quite excited to see the pandas hahaha.

The pandas were so cuteee as usual! Haha that seems to be the only word to describe them lol.

CAPT Halloween Dinner

Halloween is a rather big event in CAPT or in halls/residential colleges. To me it seems more like a costume party LOL. My neighbourhood's theme was animals, and because I didn't prepare for it, I borrowed Chiew Hui's bunny ears and became a bunny HAHA. Plus some face cream to do the trick. ;) Do I look the part? :D Hahaha.

RC4 ACHWednesday

I don't have many photos for our ACHWednesdays, but some highlights are our Music Night, Viva La Danza (Dance/Zumba Night) and Welfare Pack giveaways! Yeah that's when you know exams are nearing...

Our exam welfare packs in an unconventional packaging! :D Hahaha.


And finally, after what really seemed like forever but really isn't forever, finals are over! I ended on Monday and the next few days after that have just been nothing short of fun!

Tuesday - IKEA

That's a shark but we think it can be our orca mascot! ;D

And hardly anyone leaves IKEA without eating their food!

Evening was swimming time! And my first time here too LOL. Took me one whole semester to finally use the pool at UTown. It was small but very relaxing! Especially since I went in the evening~ (:

Wednesday - library@orchard

This library is sooo gorgeous! I love the space, design and layout! So white and minimalist, so tall and airy and gives a very refreshing ambience!

I love the ladder haha. It's very easy to shift it and it's not dangerous too. Oh and did I mention, the books are all new?! :O Thumbs up to this library, gonna go back again soon!

Thursday - movie

No photos for this but watched Interstellar that day. Haha I know I very late lah, but I'm not the kind that likes such movies that's why it took me so long to watch it. And up till now I'm still very confused over the plot HAHA. Time to go Wiki...

Friday (last night) - night cycling

Was really excited for night cycling last night with my RC4 friends! It was a very short route but we were met with a lot of obstacles, namely bike breakdowns and punctured tyres. -.- Just our luck man... But thankfully the weather was nice and the company made the journey 10x better! :D

It was a cloudy morning but the sunrise was still pretty imo. ((: It looks liked it was welcoming a new realm up there, like something exciting is waiting for you to discover it!

Really good start to my holidays, I'm extremely pumped up for all that's to come! Already rather packed with activities and events (which may not be that good a thing) but it's all gonna be fun so yayyy :D