Food Review: NYDC

You can imagine how backdated I am with my food posts these days - this restaurant was visited the weekend before my birthday (30 July)! Hahaha omg yes I have sooo many more food reviews to churn out, from the two months of August and September! :O

Ok anywayyy, now about NYDC! It stands for New York Dessert Cafe, and despite their name, they do sell mains and other typical Western food. I would say they're quite like Swensens, just that they don't focus on ice cream.

I've heard about this restaurant since quite a long time ago, and so since it was my birthday meal I decided to (finally) give it a try. (:

(Pardon me, for this dining experience, I only took photos of the food.)

Double Beef Burger ($14.80++)

My brother chose this Double Beef Burger ($14.80++), which is essentially a Reuben beef sandwich: double of corn beef and pastrami, with sauerkraut and melted cheese, served with a side of mesclun salad and Russian dressing. They were quite generous with the beef and I think anything that has cheese is just <3! Haha but it was a filling portion and not bad, taste wise.

Creamy Hearty Chicky ($13.80)

I ordered this Creamy Hearty Chicky ($13.80++) which had hearty slices of Cajun chicken laid atop juicy white button mushrooms and rice/pasta (your choice), oven baked with cheese. I love baked rice/pasta so this is quite an obvious choice for me. The chicken slices were very tender and flavourful. There was an suitable amount of cheese, not too much till it was too creamy and gelat. I also love the capsicums! Quite rare for such baked food. But the macaroni got a bit cold towards the end (and at the bottom which Idk why) which then made it hard. Otherwise I was satisfied with this dish! (:

The Meatball That Ate Manhattan ($15.80++)

Perhaps it's not that clear in this photo, but the meatball that sat atop the spaghetti was indeed huge! This is NYDC's signature tennis-sized meatball with spaghetti cooked in flavourful mariana sauce. But of course, the meatball wasn't so big till that it's really the size of a tennis ball lol. Taste wise was quite ordinary, but I guess they're a bit more creative in playing with the size.

Mushroom Attack ($13.80++)

Mum had this spaghetti loaded with diced mushrooms in their homemade tomato sauce. As a mushroom lover I like this dish, but I was wondering if it's a little too... monotonous?

I was actually quite full after my baked pasta, but who comes to a 'dessert cafe' and not try their desserts, right? Lol, so we ordered two to share! :D

Front: Goldmine Cheesecake ($6.80++) 

This is a New York cheesecake with chocolate chunks, slathered with chocolate fudge topping and layered by an Oreo cookie base. The cheesecake was creamy but not too overwhelming. Good dessert here!

Front: Jedi Mudster ($11.80++)

What this mudpie is made of: double chocolate chip and macademia nut ice cream on an Oreo base with homemade cookoie chunks, complete with chocolate fudge and whipped cream. We had some difficulties slicing the cake at the start since it's ice cream and still frozen haha. But boy, it was good! Ice cream + the biscuit base at the bottom = :D :D We all prefered this to the cheesecake.

NYDC has serves decent Western food and their desserts are indeed great! But it's kinda on the high side of prices, and I wouldn't have gone there if not for a voucher. Anyway, I think they may be facing lacklustre business in Singapore, because they've closed down a few outlets and only left with one now (at Wheelock Place). Service and ambience was okay, place was decorated quite like a typical American diner. I enjoyed my dinner but I probably won't return, since I can find good Western food and equally yummy desserts elsewhere too.

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
Singapore 238880
Sun - Thurs & PH 1130 - 2230
Fri, Sat & eve of PH 1130 - 2300