Nature adventures with Yi Xin! (:

A few weeks ago Yi Xin and I went on a mini nature adventure in Singapore! Haha it was her idea to go to nature parks in Singapore because she loves nature, somewhat like me! So I suggested going to Xiao Guilin at Bukit Batok Nature Park!

I've never been there before so I wanted to go explore as well. Plus it has geographical links so, all the more right? ;) LOL #geognerd

A bit about Little Guilin: it looks similar to that of Guilin in China (hence the 'little' in front) - a granite rock sitting within a lake. It was originally a disused granite quarry. In fact, the name 'Bukit Batok' has been suggested to be derived from the noise made by the blasting in the granite quarry that now form the natural surroundings of Little Guilin.

It's a scenic place that leaves you wondering if you're in Singapore... Really! Well apart from one view where you can see HDB blocks behind haha. But when we were there it was very peaceful and tranquil, and there was a couple having some quality time together haha.

I like how it looks very untouched by the hands of man (well, mostly) and I could appreciate the natural surroundings around me. Singapore's rocks mainly comprises granite, and this area happens to be sitting on granite rocks. Along the way as you walk into the park you can see the erosions and patterns of the granite rocks! Cool hehe.

This is also a good place for shutterbugs to hang out! Nice scenic place for amateurs like me to practise my photography skills haha. I think photography is really interesting and I really wanna pursue this interest!

Next we moved on to Chinese Garden! Since we were already in the west, might as well go have a look right! Plus I've also not been there before.

You'll be greeted by this pagoda once you enter the park. The garden really has a lot of Chinese influence, well ok seems like a no-brainer given the name...

One thing I especially appreciated was that they had statues of famous ancient Chinese heroes and noblemen like 屈原、岳飛、孔子 etc and I was proud of myself for having recognised them!! Hahaha all my primary school Chinese knowledge coming back already. As someone who recognises the importance of history and cultural roots, I think it's a good idea to have these statues around to pay tribute to these people who made an impact on our Chinese history, even though it was a really long time ago. I know this is very idealistic of me to say, but next time when I have children, I'll bring them to these places - it's educational and outdoorsy! Killing two birds with one stone hehe.

When I took this photo I was so tempted to post this on Insta and caption it, "Hello from China!" Haha, it really looks so Chinese and I'm quite amazed that there are such architecture in Singapore. Well yes I know it's called Chinese Garden, but still...

It was pretty scenic all around, especially so at this lake with the pagoda overlooking it. I bet it would have been stunning during the sunset!

There's also the Japanese Garden next door but our legs were getting a little tired so we headed back to the MRT and en route to our dinner location. I had a fun time exploring such places with Yi Xin, thanks for the enjoyable day out! :D Times spent with you is always so precious since you're always so busy haha. But exploring Singapore is also something I really like, I don't mind doing it alone! Be it exploring old residential estates, nature parks, or going to museums, these are activities that I'll continue doing because it's very fun to discover some hidden places, or learn new things about our country. (: I know I sound very patriotic hahaha but yeappp that's what I am! ;D