Food Review: Flock Cafe

Flock Cafe is one of the many cafes in the gentrified Tiong Bahru estate. It's actually my first time wandering around this estate so much.

The decor is quite standard of cafes, with polished industrial walls and wooden seats, plus the clipping of magazines/leaflets too. But what I thought was different was the hanging of polaroids. Haha, somehow I thought only ice cream parlours do that.

Seating wise there's not a lot of space, and the interior is rather cramped and squeezy. There are not many seats outside either, about 10?

Flock's Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($7.50)

Flock is kinda known for their scrambled eggs, and I think it was very silky and a bit creamy. Actually eggs aren't my favourite food so it's up to you to interpret what I just said hahaha.

Scrambled Eggs and Croissant with Smoked Salmon ($14.90)

This is another dish that Flock is known for, although it's quite a common brunch food out there. I would say it's good, like the smoked salmon was fresh and quite generous in terms of serving, and the eggs of the same consistency as the other dish, but I don't think this stood out very much compared to other similar dishes I've tried before. Oh the croissant was crispy and flaky, something that I like. And I also like the serving of cherry tomatoes at the side! They were really sweet!

Dishes not mentioned (clockwise from top): Prawn Aglio Olio ($14.50), Rocket, Portobello and Cherry Tomatoes Pasta ($14.50), Croque Monsieur ($11.90)

Haha as I came here during my Geog Soc Cafehopping outing, and this was our third stop already so getting rather full LOL. So the 12 (or so) of us ordered the above to share.

For the Croque Monsieur ($11.90), I find it very tasty on first bite, but subsequently I felt the bread was a bit dry, and the proportion of bread : filling can be improved. Feels like a bit too much bread.

I didn't get to try much of the pasta but it was good overall. Can't stop raving about the sweet cherry tomatoes though HAHA.

Basically the food here is okay, quite good, but personally I wouldn't return, because nothing quite stood out for me that I must come back. There wasn't any ambience because we came during the lunch hour and it was crowded and rrather squeezy. :/ But I can imagine it'd be very relaxing to come here in the morning on a weekday for breakfast. The estate is really quiet and serene!

Flock Cafe
78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078
Daily 0800 - 1800
6536 3938