First week of school!

Wow finally, after a long 8 months break, I'm back to school again! Last week was my first official week of Uni! I was so, so excited ok! Haha it feels great to be going back to school again, and I love that first-day-of-school excitement hehehe. Some people are groaning (as usual) that school is starting again and they want their holidays back, but for me I think I've had a fulfilling holiday so I'm ready for a campus life again! :D

Part of my excitement is because of the camp that I've been to, and anticipation for me staying in Residential College 4 (RC4)! As talked about earlier, the Geog camp that I attended was very fun and I made many new friends! Most importantly I feel very welomed into the Geog family so I'm very excited to attend lectures and tutorials with these like-minded people and begin my Geographical journey! :D Hahaha my passion for Geog will never die.

Yes I'm staying in RC4! It's a new Residential College following the UTown structure and curriculum, so it's the same as Tembusu and CAPT. But I'm part of the pioneer batch so there are many things that we have to start up. It's quite cool too haha, that we're the very first batch so we get to set the ethos and culture of this new RC. (: But because we have no seniors, everything has to be initiated and done by us. So there are pros and cons I guess.

But living on campus is sooo fun! I don't really mean fun like every day you go play and hang out with your friends and therefore the activities fun. I mean more like living on your own and having the freedom and privacy at the same time! Of course, I'm not saying it's boring and there's nothing to do. We had activities like Fledgling Week organised by CAPT last week since it's the first week of school, and I went down for it since it's a good chance to know your neighbours. Only thing is that I feel like RC4 is having a major identity crisis. We're living in CAPT's building so we take part in activities organised by CAPT. But just that we're of a different residential college and we don't belong to CAPT! So it just feels very weird whenever I take part in their activities. Like there's this nagging feeling that RC4 has to build up our identity fast. Haha. But I know these things can't be rushed so hopefully we make progress. (:

Ok time for some pictures!


First lunch in NUS with the Geog peeps! :D At Humble Origins before waiting for our first Geog lecture. (:

Summer Berries Pancake

Yay Xin Rong!


This was part of CAPT's Fledgling Week where we had to draw a flying puppy (which is the mascot of my neighbourhood Roc) for a fellow neighbour and paste it on their door haha. Check out my puppy isn't it cuteee? Hahaha #selfpraise

One night RC4 held a gathering at the lounge to properly get to know one another! It's definitely timely since most of us don't know each others names yet and some don't even know that we're in RC4! Looking forward to more meetings and bonding sessions. (:


Lunch with Nithya at Assembly Coffee! (Separate food review will be up.) Both of us had time so we met up. Yay love lunching with friends to talk and chat just about anything under the sun! (: It helps that we're both in NUS although different faculty!

Geog Seniors' Appreciation Dinner! Had a surprise for the seniors which was a success! They didn't know that freshies were involved so yayy they were moved by us! :') We gave them the above photo frames. They really deserve the love and attention, because they did so much for us and I'm so thankful to them! They're really friendly and helpful and they were the ones who first made me feel the warmth of the Geog family. ^^

Wildfire <3

Met up with my sister for lunch at Cedele! It's both our first time trying Cedele and we love the food there! (Separate food review will also be done.) But food aside, I'm very glad to meet her for some sisters bonding time! (: Spammed her so much about my week thus far and how I feel about uni haha. So thankful to have a sister like her who understands me and gives me good advice! (Y)


It's Xin Yu's birthday! Honoured to be able to meet her on the actual day! (: Went for dinner at Swee Choon yum yum~

My favourite 流沙包!Haven't eaten this in one year haha. Still as good as ever yay.

And here's a photo collage for you Xin Yu! Dedicated to you and you only. Hahaha I specially dug out our lower sec photos from my old hard disk eh! Omgosh so embarrassing man, we look so toot last time HAHA. I arranged the photos in chronological order from the top left, clockwise down. But it's really heartwarming to see how much we've grown since then. :') And how our friendship hasn't changed! Here's to many more years of being best friends, stay happy Xin Yu! :D <3

And yeap, that pretty much sums up my first week of school. (: Right now it's the second week already and I'm in my room waiting to go for my first lecture of the week - Geog! :D Hopefully I'll be able to update this space... Till then!