Update on life!

There's been so much going on recently I haven't had the time to update this blog on my personal life!

I ended work at a travel agency about 3 weeks ago, then after that I flew to Taiwan for a short getaway! Yes for that I've updated this blog on my travelogue already so I'm glad for that haha. Then shortly after I came back from Taiwan I went for my first uni camp - Geography Freshmen Induction Camp (FIC)! (Hence my one-week of absence from this space.)

1. Work at a travel agency
I spent 6 weeks there and got to know of this job through my mum's friend. He needed a temporary staff as one of his employee is leaving the company. So technically, I was a Sales and Marketing Consultant. Haha sounds quite good. In reality I was also doing publicity, I guess that counts under marketing as well.

I was very excited to work in a travel agency because this industry is one that I intend to dabble in for my career. Hence I thought this was a very good exposure for me and would be useful in helping me make more informed decisions. Moreover, I was doing sales and marketing which is something I'm quite interested in, so I was very happy for this opportunity.

Initially I was doing quite basic stuff, like managing the company's website, Facebook page etc. And these are stuff that one doesn't need to do on a daily basis. So after one week I got bored. Haha yes. And plus the biggest bugbear of all is that I have to sit in front of the computer the whole day. Gosh can you imagine how restless I was? Firstly, I cannot stand not having to stand and move around. Haha no pun intended. Secondly, I hate having to stare at the computer for such long hours. It's really tiring for my eyes and I feel like my degree is increasing lol.

Ok anyway that aside, soon I realise I had nothing much to do so I had quite a lot of free time. Sometimes my colleagues or boss will give me stuff to do, so in a way I'm quite glad I'm doing something useful haha. Other than that, I just feel so lousy whenever I don't have any work to do, because I feel like I'm wasting time yet getting paid...

Overall I definitely learnt a lot more about the travel industry and how travel agencies are run. Unfortunately, my experience has left me a bit more doubtful of my career choice... :(  There are some things that I don't want to say here, but yeah I'm thinking twice on whether I should go into the travel industry next time... Oh well. Nevertheless, I'm thankful of this opportunity to broaden my horizons and be involved in something that interests me. Even though 60% of the time I have nothing much to do and complain that time passes slowly, I think 6 weeks is a good time frame for me to understand more about the travel industry. (:

2. Taiwan trip!
Whoohoo please read my previous posts for my Taiwan trip. Haha I miss Taiwan now and I really wanna go back!

3. Geography FIC
This was my first university camp and I'm so glad I enjoyed it! It was a 4D3N camp for freshmen interested to take Geography as their major. It felt so awesome to make friends with like-minded people of whom they all love Geography as well!

My OG, named Wildfire, wasn't the most enthu group but we had our fun times! We were trying hard not to come in last hahaha. Our motto: don't be last. xD

I like the above photo cos we look so cool with our candles haha! This was a game on Day 1 that involves fire and candles and burning of other OG's rafia strings. It was a good game! Something different from other orientation games I've played in the past. (:

Day 2 had us going out of school for outdoor games! My OG managed to get to play Breakout! for free! Because another OG decided not to do it and passed it to us. As I had gone for such escape room games before, I wasn't super excited but still quite keen to try another kind of room and with different people. (:

Day 3 was Beach Day! :D Was rather excited for Beach Day cos it's the first time I'm having orientation games at the beach. Hahaha I sound so deprived and sad but nooo it's not okay! Lol anyway, my OG has been lagging behind in the points system for the past 2 days, and we thought this day was our last chance climb the rankings! Actually to be honest we didn't really care about the points, but the first game of Captain's Ball had us going very well and winning most of the matches! So we kinda had a confidence booster HAHA, and somehow from then on, we did quite well at the other games! Hahaha, especially for Capture the Flag, I swear we totally killed it man. LOL.

So we thought that our better-than-expected performance on Beach Day was good enough to propel us out of last place, but who knew that it wasn't enough... :( Haha, but as I said, we didn't really care about the points, and although our motto is #dontbelast, what matters most is that we had fun! :D

Finale Night was another highlight! This year is the first time they're making Finale Night into a big thing, and I really appreciated their efforts! It was a good dinner with performances, games, and a lovely photo montage of the past few days in camp! :') There was even a song composed for this camp, and I was really touched by that! The lyrics are very meaningful and it almost made me tear haha.

I didn't realise how much I enjoyed the camp until it was over. And then I suffered from post camp blues. :(( Wow it has been a long time since I had that feeling! I guess I really had a good time at the camp and making new friends. I'm extremely glad to have made new friends and seniors who are ever so helpful and friendly! The warm and supportive vibe they give off is really welcoming, and I feel very excited to be part of this Geography family! :D This is indeed the start of something new, and I hope to create many more wonderful memories with these people! ((: