Travelogue: Taiwan - Day Five and Miscellaneous

This is the day we're going home noooo :( :( :( Actually there's nothing to blog about for this day, because we didn't do much. Our flight was at 2.30 so we had to reach the airport by 12.30, so we left our hotel before 11.30. 

One funny thing was that I felt I didn't shop enough. HAHAHA yes, despite the past 2-3 days. As in I felt I didn't buy enough things for myself... You know that feeling? Like when you go overseas, you expect to buy a lot of things back? But not for me this time, somehow. So I felt like I wanted to do some more last minute shopping at Ximending. 

After packing our luggage at 10, we decided to head out to see if there's anything for us to shop. But before that, my mum and I realised that... we had not enough cash! :O Hahaha like after setting aside money for transport to the airport and lunch, we only had like S$10 left! Wah at that time I felt so poor and cash-strapped. Like you're constrained and you can't buy anything! :( So my mum wanted to go to the hotel reception to change some Sing dollar for Taiwan money. Just as she was taking out her wallet at the counter, she realised she actually stuffed some more Taiwan money at her secret compartment!! HAHA I swear it was so funny she came back to the hotel room all smiles and I just burst out laughing at the whole situation!

The money that she had kept aside (and forgot about it) amounted to around S$85 which is really more than enough for my kind of shopping! Hahaha so off we went with that pleasant surprise to roam the streets of Ximending again.

And here comes shock no. 2: the shops are still not opened. -.- Like arghhhh when you have the cash to spare but nothing for you to spend on! >( Bleh but we still continued walking around, and then I decided to go find 啊宗麵 (Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodles)! I was fully aware of the fact that despite staying in Ximending for the past 4 nights, we have not tried this super famous dish yet! Hahaha it's quite funny. But anyway I just had breakfast, so I wasn't intending to eat it. Just thought I'd go have a look at the shop so at least I can tell people that I've seen the shop although I didn't taste the food LOL. xD

This was taken at around 10.30, half an hour after they open. I guess there's always people eating the mee sua at any time of the day, since it's so famous and some people find it very delicious. There are no seats so you have to stand around to eat.

Ok so it's time for us to leave for the airport!

Travel tips
To go Taoyuan International Airport, it's the same as how you came. Either take a bus from Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A or take the HSR from Taipei Main Station.

We took the bus because it's a straight trip direct to the airport, where for the HSR you have to take another shuttle bus from Taoyuan HSR station to the airport. The bus journey was smooth, and it took slightly less than an hour.

Like they always say, all good things come to an end. I really, really enjoyed myself on this trip, and I must thank my mum for accompanying me! I think she was agreed upon seeing how determined I was to have a getaway before uni starts. This is the first time I'm going overseas not as a whole family, so it was a good change and opportune time for mother-and-daughter bonding! :D

The above photo was taken as my plane was landing in Singapore. I love how the sun's rays is reflected off the sea and just nice cast onto the ship. (: That moment was... blissful in a way. (: I'll miss Taiwan for its food, shopping and the friendly people there! The night markets omg ahhh I'm so gonna return man, and of course, explore more night markets as well. 5 days is not enough. The next time I go, I'll explore other parts of Taiwan like Kaohsiung, Hualien etc. I've seen pictures of the scenery there and it looks breathtaking!

As with after every overseas trip, I am more convinced that I love travelling. The feeling of being in a foreign country and exploring the many different sights and sounds is just so... fascinating! I'm not trying to be cheem or philosophical here haha, but it's really very refreshing to be roaming around and taking in all the unfamiliar things around you. The idea of familiarity VS unfamiliarity... That was one of my personal statement for the US schools you know haha. If I could, I'd go travelling once every four months, maybe. But of course, all that needs time and money. :( It's not right for me to be doing all this since I'm still a student and I don't have the financial means. So I'm very determined to work hard and save lotsa money so that I can travel more often in future! Travelling is really very nourishing for the soul. As cliche as it sounds, you not only learn more about the place but also about yourself, things you never knew before. (: Here's to more travel adventures and for me #toroamtheworld! :D :D