Uni woes

I haven't received any news for my hall application and I'M SO WORRIED D; D; D; Ahh I don't even care about having a proper introduction (LOL) because I'm really scared I won't get my first choice. :( :( Or worse, what if I'm not even offered a place at all? :O :O

I sound very dramatic here but I'm really very anxious. :( I've always wanted to experience how living on campus is like and somehow I feel that's an integral part of uni life. To live away from home, even if you're still in the same island, is something I wanna experience. I think it makes you more independent, at least a little bit more. And you'll have to plan your time very well, when to be involved and have fun, and when to tone down and study.

Sigh. I don't even wanna think about the negative. I.e. if I don't get a place in hall. I'm already very sad that I'll most probably not be offered my first choice, because all those who received offers already got their first choice. :( Let's be realistic lah. :( I didn't go for the exposure camp and that already lowers my chances of getting in (I think). 

Ok maybe I should set the negative rantings aside. How about a picture to brighten up my day?