Going back in time to the kampong days

Firstly, pardon my 2-week long hiatus. Haha, right now I'm doing an office job that requires me to sit down the whole day and stare at the computer screen the whole day. Omg it's totally the opposite from my previous waitressing job. So now I cherish all the time I have that I'm not facing the comp lol.

Okay anyway, last Saturday my family and I went for a small getaway to a ulu part of Singapore! Bollywood Veggies is the destination, located in Kranji/Lim Chu Kang area. It's nestled among lush greenery and farmlands, both traditional farms and high tech farms. My family has been here before, but that was around 8 years ago? Haha, time really flies.

"Welcome to Paradise", to me, yes that is indeed true! It's a different kind of paradise, one that is more rural, simple and no-frills. It's definitely a getaway for a city dweller like you and I, especially given the built up nature of Singapore.

The above picture is a stall that sells their homegrown crops and vegetables.

My family came here for lunch on a Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised that we didn't have to queue or wait with the lunch time crowd because they have plenty of seats. I think it's because large groups of people come here every now and then.

Some drinks that we ordered. I can't remember all of them but I know one is lemongrass and another is aloe vera.

And lunch is served! I believe most of the ingredients of the food are from their farms. Pretty cool right! They serve mainly Asian and local food. Clockwise from top: Nasi Lemak ($6), Eggplant Tofu with Peanut Sauce and Brown rice ($10), and finally Curry Chicken with rice that's not pictured ($10).

Check out the Nasi Lemak man! This is the first time I'm seeing blue rice! Haha, I know it's just food colouring but it's still an amusing sight. Anyway, the Tofu Eggplant that I had was quite nice, and went well with the peanut sauce, although that was a bit sweet. The portions are huge though! Haha. My father said his curry chicken was so-so, the chicken meat was a little tough. My mum and brother said the Nasi Lemak was nice but not fantastic.

So after our lunch it's time to walk around the farm!

I really like how they emphasise a lot on being natural, going back to nature, and spreading the word to conserve our natural green spaces.

Even though most of the land is really left as it is, like not much proper pathways etc, there are occasionally such little pavillions that are man-made but it's still quite cute and fantasy-like luh haha.

Can you guess what this is? It's actually rice! Yes those are the rice paddy, and I was so surprised to see it there lol! It's a very, very puny area, only around 3m x 2m? But still, I never imagined to see such things in Singapore.

Hey there, Mr Scarecrow!

Rows of banana trees!

I really, really love this picture! The sky is so blue (plus my dress too haha) and the flowers are so pretty! Love love love this haha. Thanks so much to my father for taking this.

Looks like a good place for outdoor learning!

And I'll end off this post with this last picture. I think it's really true, that nowadays everything is becoming 'artificially rustic'. Like the board walks with proper gates, railings etc, gardens that are sculpted very beautifully... Well the gardens are aesthetically pleasing and it's nice to have them around, but people, especially children these days, really need to come out to such places to see and experience a different kind of living. I'm definitely a city girl so I'd really like to experience what kampong living is like... Anyway it was a very good getaway and exploring with my family that day. The drive in there was very relaxing! There were some parts where I felt like I was in Malaysia and even in the US lol, cos it reminded us of our road trip!

Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

Farm, Bistro, Office Opening Hours
Wed - Fri 0900 - 1830
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays 0800 - 1830
(Dinner not available)
Closed on Mon and Tue, except on PH
Closed for a fortnight each year for Lunar New Year