Food Review: One Man Coffee

I've been wanting to go to One Man Coffee ever since I saw it on Instagram, and despite it being rather near to my house I've not gone until about a month ago! Haha, yes this is a rather 'old' visit oops.

One Man Coffee shares its space with Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. They operate from 9am to 5pm while Crust takes over after that. Pretty good idea to share the rental cost. Because of this it may be a bit hard to locate them but just look out for the red and black sign bearing the pizza shop.

This is their outdoor seating. It can be quite relaxing except for the heat...

Their menu is pretty limited, with all homemade breakfasty foods. But don't lookdown on their food!

They were airing Ratatouille when I was there! Haha, so cute. (:

Their counter of cakes and desserts, which I think is sourced from somewhere else.

And without further ado, here's the fooood!

Big Brekkie ($12)

This Big Brekkie consists of 2 6-minute eggs, honey ham, roasted cherry tomatoes, baby spinach with pesto and a slice of grilled sourdough rye. Hui Yie got this and I think it's pretty value for money! Ok, at least comparing to other cafes that serve similar Big Breakfasts.

I think one of the eggs are poached while the other one is hard boiled. I'm not sure haha.

Gashouse Egg with Bacon Jam ($10)

This is one of One Man Coffee's specialty, tagged with a very long name: Gashouse Egg with Bacon Jam aka Egg-in-the-bread-with-the-hole-in-the-middle. Lol, yeap the latter basically explains this dish. I believe they're the first cafe to introduce such a dish. It seems very simple, something that we can do at home, but what makes this dish more special is their bacon jam! I'm not sure how they make it but it tasted very unique, maybe because I can't taste any bacon inside haha! Serving wise it was quite small, just one slice of bread, and Jiao was complaining that it only tickled her stomach haha.

Broiche French Toast ($10)

Ahhh, and this, my friend, is the star dish! Their Broiche French Toast is also something that sent One Man Coffee to fame. I was looking forward to trying this after seeing so many people post it on Insta and giving two thumbs up. It came with homemade berry compote, candied walnuts and fresh cream.

My goodness, I was already convinced of its quality and hype over it even before I tasted it! At the moment when my knife sliced through the bread, I already exclaimed, "Omg it's so light!" Then when I placed it into my mouth, it just... melted! Whoa I was like blown away man, hahaha. Ok maybe a bit exaggerated, but the french toast was really light and fluffy! It went superbly well with the berry compote and walnuts. I love nuts in general so the walnuts was a bonus yay. It didn't leave me feeling gelat and it wasn't cloying after a while. Which is good! But I don't know if it's because it's light or because the portion is small heh.

Our late lunch that day~ On a side note, I feel kinda dumb because I realise this photo is a bit dark (with shadows) because I was blocking the light. -.-

Anyway, One Man Coffee is a place to go to for simple but satisfying food, and of course a cup of coffee to go with. Prices are relatively low but I guess that's beacuse the portion is a bit small. They used to have a very calm and relaxing ambience because of the lack of crowd, but now that more people know about them, it gets noisier, so maybe go on a weekday if you're looking for somewhere to chill out.

One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349
Opens daily 0900 - 1700