It's the company that matters

Maybe I should post more photos on my blog. I realise I hardly insert photos when it comes to personal posts.

Haha, ok so the last time I took photos that are non-food related was on Labour Day. Went out with Xin Yu to eat plus walk walk!

She's been wanting to go Haji Lane to explore for some time already, so I suggested we go there that day. The motorbikes were pretty and colourful, and further add more vibrance to the pedestrainised street.

I don't like Haji Lane for its shops, simply because they're too upmarket, or shall I say, overpriced. Heh, but they're nice to go into and just browse the clothes or the cute knick knacks and trinkets. As usual, there were a few stores selling vintage items. While they're really interesting to look at, and sometimes enticing me to buy them home, I can't help but wonder if this whole vintage thingy is too... commercialised?

Anyway, one of the stores that sold very nice accessories and display items had some cool and funky shades. XY started trying them out and I joined in the fun too haha!

 Some selfies that I took on the sly (shhhh). xP

Haha, I'm not a sunglasses/shades kinda person so I don't own any of them. Can't imagine myself wearing any of these funky shades out lol. Unless it's for a party or something or for some fun photoshoot heh.

Ending off with this #ootd photo that I thought was nicely taken by XY! Hahaha thanks my friend, not just for this but for tolerating my foodie habits too. xD It's amazing how we're still the same after 6 years. -- Omg wow 6 years. That sounds like a long time! -- Haha, I like how we still bicker at each other but still 和好如初 after a while. (: Looks like we're meant to be BFFs for life man, haha! ;)