Food Review: Stateland Cafe

This is another of those cafes that I heard of right in its first two weeks of opening but have yet to go until now... Initially I wanted very much to go try but after seeing that it got so popular over the past 2 months I kinda didn't wanna go anymore heh. But they had some Groupon sale so I thought it's time to give it a try haha.

Xin Yu and I went on Labour Day and as expected, we had to queue for a seat. We reached at 12.30, half an hour after they opened their doors.

After waiting for around 40 minutes, we finally got a seat! I'm glad it was in some corner so we had some privacy (and also fewer people can judge me while I take food photos hahaha).

They revamped their menu in early April and it's quite smart of them to explain their story and origins.

Psst, yes they have also increased their price as noticed by yours truly hahaha. Anyway they're famous for their Classic Honey Toast, waffles and to a certain extent, Eggs Benedict. I was still craving for food with berries compote so I really wanted to try their French Toast! Unfortunately the Groupon could only be used for the desserts and beverages so... I picked the next best option.

The Red Velvet ($14.90)

No this isn't what I picked. XY got this cos she wanted to try a red velvet waffle.

She said the waffles were very nice, crispy on the outside yet quite fluffy too! She liked the chocolate bits stuffed inside the waffles. But she said the red velvet taste wasn't that strong. I tried a bite and yeah I couldn't taste much red velvet too.

Cross section of the waffles just to show how red it is lol.

The Pain Perdu ($14.90)

Anddd this is what I ordered! It's really the closest thing after the French Toast haha. Pan-seared cinnamon toast with toasted nuts, berry compote and vanilla ice cream.

It looked like one big blob of mess, but it was a yummy kind of mess! Haha ok I don't know if I make sense. But when I first saw it I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of sauce that they splattered. I thought, oh no this is going to be soooo sweet! ><

Look the ice cream was melting. Haha, must be cos I took too long for photos oops. Btw the above photo was taken using my S5 Selective Focus mode mentioned in my previous post! ^^

I love how generous they are with the berry compote! The toast was very thick, so it made me feel full and a little gelat towards the end. Sweetness level overall was a bit high, but I guess it's kinda inevitable for such a dish. I wish the ice cream didn't melt so fast, because after a while the bread ended up swimming in a pool of liquid. Ok almost. Hmm but this dish didn't wow me, I felt it so-so only. :/

I guess the berries saved the dish for me haha!

Maybe it was the waiting time, maybe it was the ambience, but I was a little annoyed during my visit there. We already waited long for a seat, plus when we went in it was very noisy and we had to repeat ourselves occasionally during our conversations because we couldn't hear each other. -.- I know this can't be helped given that it's a small place plus people are having a good time laughing and all haha. But I think I'm quite forgiving and I would say I'll still come back to this cafe to try the other food (ahem, French Toast). Oh, and definitely on a weekday/right after they open for business.

Stateland Cafe
30 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866
Mon 1200 - 2200
Wed - Thurs 1200 - 2200
Fri - Sat 1200 - 2400
Sun 1100 - 1800