Are you ready to Xcape?

Ok the title is kinda lame. Haha. Just something I thought of on the spur of the moment.

So anyway on Tuesday some of the Siao Kias went to Xcape Singapore! It's this real escape game where you're locked in a room and you have to solve puzzles and free yourself out within one hour. I remember these kinda games were featured in Life! before and they seem to be gaining popularity.

We booked a slot online beforehand, which is recommended especially if you're going on a weekend. The branch that we went (at Bugis Village) had only one room. We booked the Vampire Diaries one, out of a few other games, because of the size of our group and the thrill factor. Haha. Actually it's not meant to be scary, it's just challenging-cum-a bit spooky at the same time.

Before we went in, Vaneh was expressing her fear for being trapped in the room and the staff members being evil HAHA. No actually when we went in she got even more paranoid LOL. Which kinda made us even more nervous too! So we were told that we had to find this bottle of cure within one hour and then we'd succeed. Just like that. There was no starting clue or anything. We simply went into the room clueless so we just searched the small little room for anything that could help us lol!

We were given this card that we could use to wave at the CCTV to signal for help from the crew outside the room. Haha, yes they were watching our 一举一动. Thank goodness for this helpline man, if not we'd be stuck right at the first part and not progress at all! When they gave us the first hint, we were so amused and felt both awestruck and dumb at the same time for not seeing it/thinking of it! Haha then as we progressed we kind of got the hang of it? But of course we still asked for help too haha. Come on, we were all first-timers at this so you can't expect us to be all pros and solve the clues right! In fact there was one part where we just used our own imagination and 'reasoning' to solve one of the clues. At the end of the game the crew told us that we were supposed to use this this this to solve the clue. Hahaha we were laughing at our 'ingenuity' for solving that puzzle man.

As expected, we didn't manage to free ourselves within one hour. Haha even so, I felt that we weren't that bad lah. There were parts where we did the right things and I'm proud of ourselves for doing that!

Haha no we weren't required to wear those robes, it was just for phototaking fun at the end of it. They made us feel like Harry Potter characters haha. xD

I'm glad for such activities and games around because they are things that we can do with our friends! Something different from the usual shopping, movie or just catching up over a meal. It's $22 each for off-peak and I think $26 for peak hours.

Xcape Singapore
Bugis Village Outlet
Bugis Village, 160A Rochor Road Level 2, S188435
Tel: 6337 4905

Purvis Street Outlet
8 Purvis Street #04-01, SG 188587
Tel: 6338 4451