SMU Open House

Ok time for me to do a normal blog post before continuing with some food reviews haha. So yesterday me and Celest went for the SMU Open House! Initially I'm not interested in going to SMU because they don't offer the course that I want to study - Geography. But I thought there's no harm just taking a look at their school and finding out more about their programmes.

It was crowded, of course, and given that it's in the heart of the city it makes it even more congested and full of people. Which is one thing I don't like - their city campus. To me there's no homely or cosy feeling because the school is right in the middle of the city with heavy traffic and no open space for you to engage in sports or just relax. I'm a very outdoor person so I need the space and greenery to relax haha.

And also because they have space constraints, they do not have hostels for local students to stay in. Which is very sad in my opinion! :( I feel that staying in a hostel is an important part of uni life! Haha I'm definitely trying out for hostel, especially seeing how my sister has done it too. 

But what I like about SMU's programmes is that they give a lot of opportunities for students to go overseas, be it in exchange trips, summer schools, community involvement or internships. More than 80% of the students get to go overseas! And it's to many many places all over the world! Haha, as someone who loves to travel, I'm definitely very attracted to this. But then again one has to consider the cost of all these trips... The students say there are many scholarships and bursaries available for students to tap on and apply. So I guess that relieves some financial burden.

I think one significant point about SMU's education is that they train the students to be very work-ready. Like most of the graduates are super polished and trained to integrate into the working world! This is definitely a plus point, so one gets better career prospects. But somehow I feel like it's a bit... too much? Won't it be extra pressurising and competitive when everyone's trying to stand out and really fight for all the good jobs around? I dunno from what the students say, that's the kind of impression I get... That the education is really training you to be ready to enter the corporate world.

Good and bad luh, I guess. Well these are just my personal opinion about the school, it is by no means 100% factual so don't quote me! Hahaha.

Anyway we saw so many familiar faces yesterday. Think we're definitely gonna see more two weeks later during the NUS Open House haha.

And this is the free photo that we got from their photo booth! Yay to a great day with Celest! ((: