Food Review: Waffle Slayer

I'm so excited to blog about Waffle Slayer because I'm so happy to find out that Strangers' Reunion opened an outlet dedicated to its oh-so-famous-and-good buttermilk waffles! Yep this new joint is opened at the former space of Strangers' Reunion, which is just beside it now.

It doesn't have a signage yet but there's this small piece of paper stuck onto the doors that says "Want some waffles? Come to Waffle Slayer!" Or something like that lol.

As you can see it's pretty narrow, but I guess it has that cosy, homely feel. Just go when it's not crowded, i.e. on the weekends, so you can enjoy a better ambience.

Their menu consists of mostly sweet waffles, although they have two savoury ones. Sometimes they do have special offers or other kinds of waffles like fried chicken or something like that.

Apple and Almond Crumble Buttermilk Waffle ($14.90+)

Being a usual foodie, I searched beforehand what some of their new creations are, and once I saw this I immediately set my mind on ordering this! Hahaha, it's apple and there's crumble, so what's not to like? :D

The buttermilk waffle tasted the same, soft inside and slightly crispy on the outside. I think I must have left it out for too long (taking photos *cough*) so the waffle wasn't as crispy as the last time round. But it's ok I still love it! Haha.

The apple, crumble and ice cream went very well together! The apple compote was neither sweet nor sour, in fact I expected it to be more on the sour side! Because then it would complement even better with the sweet vanilla ice cream and almond crumble. But no biggie I still love this dish!

Red Velvet Buttermilk Waffle ($14.90+)

This was what Beatrice had but she actually ordered the White Chocolate one. And I didn't realise that they served her wrongly until now as I'm typing this! Hahaha. No wonder it looked a bit funny. Like this waffle didn't look like how I'd seen it previously in pictures... Lol but it's ok. According to Beatrice, the waffle was nice but the star of this dish is the pistachio tuile! Its crispiness made it taste like a biscuit or wafer cone that goes well with the ice cream. There are orange segments too and they were quite sweet. (:

Yay so presenting to you the two waffles that we tried that night! Even though I won't say Waffle Slayer has the best waffles, I'm still a fan and I'll still return there to try out the other creations! But a downside is that it's kinda expensive for waffles, especially for sweet ones. Plus they do charge service charge too.

Beatrice and I went on a weekday night, and it was raining that evening, so I guess it wasn't full house. But it's definitely gaining popularity now, so expect the crowds especially on weekends!

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169356
Mon - Sun (except Wed) 1100 - 2200
Closed on Wed