Food Review: Maple and Market

I heard of this quaint little cafe even before it opened! Because the owner, a young and talented lady named Sarah, has a blog and yeah I read the blog occasionally. She loves baking, among other things, so when I knew that she's going to set up her own cafe I was excited! Because that means I can finally try her bakes without having to catch events like Public Garden hahaha.

Located in a cosy and unpretentious HDB estate at Old Airport Road, it's no surprise that this cafe has a very clean, white, minimalistic kind of shopfront, something that I like!

The cafe is really small, with only about ten seats? Because about a third of the space is used for a classroom for baking classes.

I like the lanterns!

They have a few shelves selling pretty decorated handicrafts which are very suitable for scrapbooking or gifts to friends. (:

Introducing... THEIR CAKESSS.

Raspberry Sponge Cake (can't rmb the actual name)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Our cakes! :D

Popcorn Caramel ($5.50)

This popcorn caramel cake is one of their bestsellers! And it tastes really good! The popcorn went super well with the cake. It was moist and not too dense!

Raspberry Sponge ($5.50)

I tried this cake and ohmygoodness I love it! The raspberry sponge was soft and I enjoyed the cream too, not too thick or overwhelming!

On another occasion during a gathering, my friend bought one whole cake of the Peanut Butter Chocolate so I tried that too. And of course, it tasted as good as the other cakes! The peanut butter was not so strong, so someone like me who isn't a fan of PB can accept it. Haha. And I thought the cake was a leeetle bit dry but it could be because of the takeaway or something haha idk.

Overall I really love their cakes. They're not jelat and leave you feeling just right after eating it, unlike some cakes which give you the very full feeling. And they're reasonably priced too. Can't stand paying $7 onwards for a slice of cake zzz.

Omg looking at the photos now is making me drool man! Haha I remember Yi Xin and I spent a super long time taking photos LOL. And I'm pretty sure we got judged by the people behind us... But oh wells, a foodie is a foodie HAHA.

I'll be coming back for more cakes soon! :D

Maple and Market
34 Cassia Crescent #01-82
Singapore 390034
Mon 1200 - 2000
Wed - Fri 1200 - 2100
Sat 1000 - 2100
Sun 1000 - 2000
Telephone 6348 8068