Class outing @ Marina Barrage

My JC class 13S07C had a class outing two weeks ago at Marina Barrage whoo! (Haha okay I know this post is rather late but I'm trying my best to keep up with things! ><)

I would say it's a rather impromptu outing, cos it was decided and settled like just 5 days before? Hahaha ok and the turnout is good for such a 'late notice' outing kay.

Yes we even asked a fellow passenger to take a photo of us in the bus HAHA.

Our picnic fooood! :D Hahaha I love picnics because it's usually pot luck style, and it's very interesting to see the kind of food that you have on your picnic mat. :P

So we order pizza delivery before going there, we have some chips, veggies, grapes, honeydew, sausages, quails eggs, Trish's baked S'mores bars, my Oreo Cheesecake bars and Hui Yie's no-bake Oreo Cheesecake! Hahaha we coincidentally baked the same thing!

My successful and yummy Oreo Cheesecake bars! Hahaha sorry must be shameless a bit and show a pic of it, because this is my best attempt at O.C. stuff yet! xD

And this is the S'mores bars baked by our talented Trish! Haha it's so yummy and chocolatey, which unfortunately I'm not a fan of chocolate. BUT it still tastes super awesome!

Hahaha me trying to take shot of us enjoying our dinner but the wind was super strong...

I love my kite! It's so colourful hehe.

Mandatory jumpshot at Marina Barrage hoho. Unfortunately that streak of hair was covering my eyes haha. Credits to Lishuan for this shot!

As the night fell...

It was a great outing with good food but even better company! My classmates are just so funny and unique in their own way, and when all of us are put together, we just become a bunch of retarded people with crazy ideas HAHA. Now I miss schooldays with them no matter how stressed or sian we were back then... >< But glad to have caught up with them since As ended! Attendance of 12/19 is good already leh! Hahaha. And I guess the next time I'll see all of them again is on results day... *shudders* As in I shudder at the thought of getting back my results lah LOL.