Tomorrow's gonna be a special day!

Yes the title is true, because it's the start of my teaching internship! I am so excited, but the best news is: I'm posted to my secondary school!


Ok I feel the need to be childish like that right now haha because I'm really elated and can you believe how cool it's going to be? The feeling of going back to your alma mater, not just as an ex-student but as a teacher this time round... I'll be facing a different side of the classroom now! *gasps*

Hahaha ok so yes I'm super extremely excited luh. And tomorrow happens to be the O Level results day! So much excitement and buzz and an air of anticipation/nervousness going around... It's definitely gonna be an eventful day ahead!

Alrights shall go check if everything is in order for tomorrow haha. Gotta wake up early but not complaining there! (: