Mid-week randoms

I'm back after a one-day break lol. Was attending training for an internship the past three days so I was kinda tired. In fact today after training ended I went for dance. Ah it's time to let myself rest and relax! But ah tomorrow afternoon and night are gonna be longgg. :/ It's okay, I shall bear with it! No pain no gain! :D

O Level results are coming out this Monday! Even though it doesn't concern at all, I'm still kinda excited for the batch of Cedarians collecting the results. Haha, wonder if they'll break the record. xP As usual, memories of my own time come floating back. Oh my gosh I don't know whether to laugh or to cry over what I did. Hahaha it's so embarrassing I'm not gonna say here. But I do remember how nervous and tensed up I felt. I was so emotional and I could feel my heart beating super fast! Thankfully I still slept as per normal the night before and it didn't affect me so much that I lose my sleep LOL.

Ahh those bittersweet memories... :') I even feel like going back to Cedar just to see the whole thing. Hahaha like I've nothing better to do right? Nah maybe I'm just kidding. Sigh ok now I'm starting to link back to reality and the thoughts of A Levels come floating by now! Geez shan't talk about this now.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post a food review so stay tuned! (: