Happy 2014!


Whee today's the first day of 2014! I'm excited because... it's a new year haha. Like new year, new start, y'know? Haha, it's the year where many things are gonna happen! My new work, internship, A Level results *gasps*, more gatherings with family and friends and of course, the answer to which university I'm going to! Ok now that I listed them down, I genuinely feel excited for this year HAHA.

Hmm but I also feel nervous and quite worried right now because there's still a lot of uncertainty ahead. One big question mark is obviously my A Level results, which I think I'd better stop mentioning it haha. And this naturally affects my uni choices. Oh wells... Another reason why I feel this year can be a bit daunting is because it's the first time you're going to be independent, in the sense that now you don't have to go to school but instead find a job to support your expenses. Yeah we've not officially stepped into the working world, but the next 7 months are going to be a snippet of what we'll potentially face 5 years down the road! Whoa sounds so scary... Heh, but if we see it in a positive light, it's a time for us to test the waters and see what kind of jobs we're suitable for, where our passion and interest lies, and most importantly discover more about ourselves! Self-discovery - that's what I like. ;)

Rewind to last year/last night when me, Florence and Yu Pei went to countdown at Marina Bay! Met up for dinner at Vivo City (which was super duper crowded of course) and ate at a Hong Kong cha chan teng. That was my last meal of 2013! Lolol then we walked around Clarke Quay for a lil while cos I had one more ice cream voucher to use that expires yesterday haha! And when the timing was right, we headed down to Marina Bay to catch the fireworks! We went to the Marina Bay Promontory, which is the area directly oppostite the floating platform. Reached there at around 10, and there were already a lot of people there, no surprises. There was a concert there too, but we treated it as background music oops. Waited for close to two hours and when it was nearing 00:00, the atmosphere became so high everyone chanted the countdown together! Ok actually not everyone, maybe it's just me shouting too loudly that I can't hear the rest HAHA. And then POOM! The first bang of the fireworks erupted and lit up the night sky!

I don't have many nice pictures of the fireworks because I video-ed about one minute of it down. It was pretty and everyone was holding their phones, cameras, iPads and whatnots in their hands and all doing the same thing haha. Unfortunately halfway into the display it became very smoky, and because the wind direction was heading towards us the smoke kinda blocked our view of the fireworks. :/ Yeah that was a pity...

When the fireworks ended, I kinda hurried (a little) towards the exit because I don't wanna get stuck later in the human jam. Yeah la everywhere is crowded so I know we'll definitely have to wait to get out. It was really squeezy and we were stuck in some place near Raffles Place waiting for people to move, and waiting for the police officers to direct the traffic flow. Speaking of them, I feel safe and protected seeing them around actually. HAHA, especially after the riots in Little India. I would say the crowd control and diversion of human traffic was quite good, because they led us to the same exit of Raffles Place MRT. When the three of us saw the first exit, we were like so relieved that we're nearing it! But then we found out we had to go to another exit instead. -.- Yeah at first I was kinda annoyed, because that meant more squeezing shoulder to shoulder with other people, some of whom were sweaty *shudders* HAHA but then I realise it's a good thing so that there won't be congestion or bottle necks within the MRT tapping station itself etc. 

So what's up for New Year's Day? Haha nothing much, went to my grandma's house for lunch and here I am now. Gonna go for a New Year's jog later! Hahaha that's what my father said two years ago, that it symbolises a year of good health and fitness! It sounds quite funny but I just do it since it also feels good to exercise on the first day of the year. (:

Last but not least, it's time to pen down my New Year wishes! Haha, just gonna briefly say it here. I hope that 2014 will be an eventful and fulfilling year filled with love, warmth and hope! It sounds cliche and typical, but at least it speaks to me. Despite all the uncertainty, I guess I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way, and I'll try my best to accept things that I can't change *coughAcoughLevelcough* Also I hope I'll stay happy and healthy and the same goes for those around me! Happy 2014 once again! :D